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  1. No photos. Most likely closed comedones from one of the products you are using. Or you let shampoo run down your face it has alot of ingredients that are highly comedogenic. Or a mixture of both. Please look at acne.org comedogenic list and go through the ingrdients from your product to see if they bave any of the worst ones in.
  2. I thought a steroid injection usually made it go away on its own? You can try to put BP that kills bacteria or BHA that kills the debris and deadskin within the skin on the spot.
  3. The cerave moisturizer basicallt covers your skin with a candle wax like texture mixed with oily skin thats what the result product will be. Its the moisturizer in short.
  4. I wouldnt know anything about what to know, but im sure if you go to a derm theyll know they usually laser the skin like they do with tattoos small dot and the skin should repair itself.
  5. Mostly closed comedones. Treatment that works best is BHA. Do your research on it though. Those are marks notnscars itll go away in due time.
  6. For a cleanser just buy the acne.org cleanser for a moisturizer I suggesy eucerin 5% urea dry relief face cream its only sold on ebay and uk so itll take weeks for it to come so stock up. For a lip balm I suggest buying natural lip balm instead of the synthetic ones because they can create lip line pimples.
  7. Um did you try changing your diet? No processed sugar, no takeaway fokd, nk geasy food, no dairy, no wheat, no junk food? Go gluten free. Take natural supplements not the synthetic kind you find at stores I suggest Solgar brand. Other than it seems like your acne is all hormonal and it usually oral medication is the only option. Sadly with that is that there is always a chance of it returning when your off so you prob have to be on it for a life time just like how people who have a regimen have
  8. BP wash doesnt do jack I suggest getting a mild cleanser. For the retin A are you using the cream or gel? The gel is the one you should be using. For the jnflamed pimples maybe try retin A at night and benzoyl peroxide topical in the morning. Retin A can take 4-6 months. Thr breakouts your experiencing are IB which means everything under the skin is coming out.
  9. Chemical peels such as AHA are primarily used for getting rid of hyperpigmentation. BHA are used for acne such as closed comedones etc. Your face will get hella dry and crusty if you dont use a good moisturizer though. BHA helps with blackheads, clogged pores and acne. Got to stick with it and not quit if you experience bad breakout. 4 months is estimated time.
  10. Black dots seem like moles to me you can get laser to remove it. The one near your eye is a acne scar seems indented if iys recently itll probably heal.
  11. In cases like yours Accutane might be your best choice. Nothing is a sure fire way to get rid of acne as it will always take time for it to get better. You will probably experience big breakouts in the beginning before it gets better. For a derm if you pay for one im sure you could fit into appointment for that week. If your relying on insurance will take months. My derm costed like 110 or 150 for a appointment.
  12. It goes away within some months or hopefully weeks. I sometimes get those hard bumps that feel like the size of a penny, but doesnt hurt they tend to die down on their own. Dont fret so much about it it will go down as time passes.
  13. No, you should cut drinking. Your already inducing mass stress on the liver why add more into it. Drinking is also a cause if acne in some so if you really want to get clear its time to cut some things in your life.
  14. I wouldnt take vit b as they can be a cause in acne. If none of those products worked then your best bet would be Accutane imo. It seems that topicals have no effect. Did you try cutting all sugar, junk food, and be gluten free. Just curious how long have you been on the regimen/topicals?