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  1. Hello, No massive changes with my skin but I think its on its way up. My face is peeling like crazy, my eyes have no moisture and my lips are as dry and cracked as a desert. With regard to my actual skin, there is now a bit less redness, and a few less spots- barely any whiteheads left on my chin either which is amazing. What's making me excited, however, is that I now have a few patches on my skin that are so insanely soft, which hasn't happened in so so long. I think the really badly part i
  2. Great. (If you have perfect skin...)

    This foundation is amazing-if you have flawless skin. Unfortunately, I do not. It does do a really good job of evening out your skin tone but doesn't do much at all at actually covering a spot or pimple. Also, it only works on oily skin. Although it is still a better foundation than others as it doesn't make my skin any worse.
  3. elliemay11



    More people should definitely use this moisturiser! I use it every morning and evening without fail! I'm currently on Roaccutane and this is one of the only moisturisers that help to stop my skin from feeling as though its going to flake off. another bonus is that its actually really affordable and available pretty much everywhere
  4. I've literally had the exact same thing as you! I've just started my third week. My chin is literally covered in whiteheads and it feels as though every piece of dirt or bacteria is all being pushed out through my pores; i feel pretty gross at the moment. Plus i've been getting some really really bad chest pains that make me momentarily lose my breath, which kinda sucks as well. Although i hate that you're getting these side effects, i'm glad I'm not the only one with these symptoms!
  5. I completely agree! unfortunately if you want actual help, the only option is private.
  6. Hey, thanks for the concern Yeah the side effects really suck, if they keep going like this i'll definitely contact my derm- I just don't want him to say stop taking them! I knew that it would get worse before it gets better, i just didn't realise that it would make me feel this rubbish... but once my skin has purged all the gross stuff out, i'm sure everything will be better! x
  7. Hello everyone Hope your week is going well. I’ve just ended week 2 of my course, on which I went up from 20mg to 40mg a day. Nearly everything that could go wrong pretty much has. I swear I have nearly every side effect that you can get. Let’s start on those pesky side effects. My ribs, neck and hips ache so badly, and my ribs are so bad at times that I struggle to catch my breath. My lips are beginning to peel and my skin is flaking, which, by the way, makes it near im
  8. Hello everyone, Hope you're all well and happy. As of last Tuesday I have officially started my course of Roaccutane and I wanted to share my experience of why I went on it and the results of my first week. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Okay! So here is my story: I started my first year of university in September 2015 with pretty average skin. I had been on Ethromycin, tetracycline and Lymacycline periodically since I was fifteen and I'm now nineteen but my s