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  1. yea i wish someone would knock me out and put me into acoma for like 5 months , so i could finish my treatment asleep, and id wake up and id be like all clear...........that would be pretty tight....................anybody realy pissed lately...?? wanna releave some anger..???
  2. very true everyone on this post or on this site is only on because they have acne and their looking for support and advice from others, why in the hell would someone waist their time on this site if they have been cured from acne...
  3. damm thats unheard of takeing accutane that many time,\\ you musn't be doing something right....../??
  4. determoliogst appointment tomorrow, shit man can't wait to go on my second month...
  5. fucking put some baby power on ur hand and pimp slap that stupid bitch and tell her to go back to medical school... also look for a new dermotologist...
  6. Age:17 Sex:male Weight:156 Starting Dose:80 mg a day How bad was your acne when you started accutane?:mild to moderate Did you take an antibiotic with accutane to combat any initial breakouts?: nope When was the initial breakout?: 5 days in How bad was the initial breakout? fucking worse breakout of my life, my face looked like a pizza.........my face was a horrible greasy looking pizza
  7. yea you say that now, i have very mild acne , now that i started accutane its way more severe, ur acne will def get worse then it has ever been if u decide to take accutane, thats the bad new, good news when ur done with the treatment , the shit is usually gone for life, look at the photo album i linked to the topic i posted................. it show week for week progress of an accutane user and shows how, his acne got way worse while on accutane before it got better
  8. man i know exactly what is happening to you, you are right, its just the oil returning into your system after you are done with the accutane, but lucly this will pass within a few months, they have a week for week photo album like on one of my post, that shows when this guys got off of accutane alot of his scars showed more due to the increase of oil, but within two or three months his skin returned back to normal....... check this site out to see what im talking about just go to my profile an
  9. yea guys ive got to say thats the best acne photo album that i have ever seems....... it shows you week for week exactly what accutane is suppost to do...
  10. HA I know exactly what yall are talking about, my teacher be like brad you need to stop sleeping in class and get serious about this class......... one time she stopped her whole lecture to wake me up then forced me to get a drink of water to wake me up, funny thing is this medicine is so strong i went straight back to sleep...LMAO............everyone in my class just thinks im not serious about school.........but truly its not my falut this damm medicine makes u so tired...
  11. Yea umm XochulaXo....... i feel the same way, but it seems like all the people are saying it will start to clear at around three months, but umm how many milograms are you taking everyday...?? O YEA EVERYONE SUFFERING FROM ACNE, I MEAN EVERY0NE , YEA THATS RIGHT IM TALKING TO YOU,!!!!!!!!!!!!!! visit this site, it shows you week for week progress of this guys acne while on accutane, and everytime i look at his photes and how well the accutane worked for him .........it just incourages me to
  12. thankz guys i hope yall are right. it just i hear all these people talking all king of stuff like 3 months post accutane and im bout to go on my second course i just hope it never comes back for me, do yall think the majority of people knock out acne with the first treatment or most people have to take multiple courses......????? also what medicines are good to heal scaring..
  13. tight man i hope my treatment works as well as yours did, but i have severe acne,,,, im guessing yours wasn't that bad meaning that it cleared up that fast..../??
  14. o alright how many milograms were you taking a day..??