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  1. BTW, would self needling be better, or one of those rollers from ebay? If self needling, what gauge do I need?
  2. Okay, it seems to be improving again since I stopped bio oil and switched to some other cream. I wonder if the bio oil affected the healing process in a bad way.
  3. I had my face needling by a tattooist a few weeks ago, and I've been applying VitE and others since. However, I read this article today... http://www.healthcentral.com/drdean/408/54767.html Bit worrying, but what do you guys think?
  4. So at no point (apart from swelling) did your scars improve? What method did you use? Tattooist, makeup artist, roller? My scars seem to have improved (tattooist did it) after 3 weeks or so now... They seem to be much more shallower, though the colour of the scar tissue can still be seen to an extent. I had read about skin needling failing once before on this forum. Apparently some people can't produce enough collagen in response to the micro-trauma? Did you apply creams/vitamins? What type of
  5. Wow, the scars are actually still improving, some, significantly There's one 'island-shaped' scar which was quite big and deep, now it has filled up around 70% I'm quite suprised. However, the distinct colour of scar makes it still visible. From what I cant see, collagen has filled up underneath, but does the external epidermis change? Hmm... I'm sure it'll fade slightly as time goes by...
  6. Skin colour is slowly going back to normal now. All the scabs have fallen off. And I've started using Bio oil
  7. Thanks ayla. Yeah, the granulation went a couple of days ago The scabs have almost completely fallen off. They were very light. I think this was due to my using sufficient cod liver oil to keep it moist. Pic attached...