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  1. Sodium lauryl sulfate is more harsh on the skin and hair. It's not as bad as ammonium lauryl sulfate, but it's still pretty drying and can irritate those with sensitive skin.
  2. octoberbaby02


    me, myself, and I.
  3. octoberbaby02

    the photographer that is camera shy

    Hi Brian. I can relate to your post because for many years I hated having my picture taken because of my skin. I sometimes look through my old pictures and see how bad it was and cringe. But I am sure it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was at the time. Everyone's their own worst judge. I too have more compassion for people because of my skin problems. People that have never had bad acne just don't understand and it's rude of them to complain about a single pimple when there's people out th
  4. octoberbaby02

    Opinion on my regimen

    Depends on how sensitive your skin is. You could try it and if your skin starts burning or feeling irritated then just discontinue use of the glycolic acid product.
  5. Yup same idea, similar ingredients.
  6. octoberbaby02

    Mineral Oil - Does it clog pores..?

    According to zerozit.com, mineral oil is noncomedogenic. It is however comedogenic for some people. If you have sensitive skin like I do then it might be comedogenic for you. It definitely is for me. I think I cannot use patrolatum either. Theres a lot of things that apparently rate a zero to one but for me they are like a five. I cannot use jojoba oil either. So in answer to your question, it depends on your skin type and as the poster above stated, I think the only way for you to know if its c
  7. octoberbaby02

    Relapse after Accutane?

    Hi. I took Accutane 4 years ago and think it was the best thing I've ever done for my skin! I used to have pretty bad acne, and now it's very mild. I was hoping it would keep me completely clear, but that was just wishful thinking I guess! All I know is that my acne has improved around 80% since before Accutane. I didn't get any bad side effects or anything. The worst part was the really dry skin. My skin used to be extremely oily. Accutane changed that. Even now my skin is more dry than oily. I
  8. octoberbaby02

    Mineral Oil - Does it clog pores..?

    I think for some it can, although it is proven to be non-comedogenic. I personally can't use it without breaking out. The only way to find out if your skin can handle it is to try the product and see what happens. HTH