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  1. Hi guys. I'm thinking about going for tane since my cystic is very bad now; however, I am a vegan. Do you think that taking accutane while being a vegan is a very deadly combo?
  2. I've been taking 6 of the psyllium fiber pills a day for about a week. I don't really notice too much of a difference in my cystic acne. I actually just had a breakout today ... just when I thought my scars were healing up and now I have like 10 new pimples. don't worry I won't give up yet !!
  3. Hey! I'm taking a piece of your challenge! I`ll take 6 psyllium husk fiber pills a day. I`ll wash with face with a tea tree oil protein wash and tell you how my cystic acne goes. If I can get a camera, then I`ll post photos. timer starts now! side notes: I am a vegan. I have cystic acne primarily on my cheeks, and a bit on my forehead and chin. I've had acne since 10 years old. My mother and sister struggle with acne. I am 17 years old and female.
  4. Sorry that I cannot provide photos, but this is really important for me to rid it. I am on Solodyn (minocycline) pills and duac gel (bp + clindanicym). The infection seems to be under the skin and cystic. My left cheek is swollen. This infection is my fault because I applied too much makeup to cover one pimple and 8 hours later, a hard cyst formed. In the morning I popped the cyst. 9 hours into the day I feel my face because it has that skin stretching feel to it, I have 2 new cysts und
  5. I think just eating healthy (leaving the meat in) would be more beneficial than just cutting out the meat.
  6. 2 fish oil capsules, and I was throwing up. I get so sick from just that alone lol It's dangerous to take so much like that one guy who was taking 12 pills a day.