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  1. Whatever people have treated me differently ever since I got acne and used it against me like it is my own faulth...
  2. I was also 19 when I took..better sooner then later..Do you already have scars..I regret not taking it earlier... It got severe at 17 maybe I could have prevented it... What if we lived in the middelages what would we have done then or in the 1920:s?
  3. I don't know some people like me but they usually move on in their lives and say that they don't have any exchange of me..I guess this acne thing have made me upsest with being clean and I'm always kind of shallow according to them and want to fix things since I h aven't been able to fix my skin... But there's something about me that many people don't like....Many have said that I'm a freak...
  4. Yes it affects self-esteem more then you think. How old are you?
  5. Sometimes I get mixed signals from people like they like me but they are ashamed to admit it so they say ''You know they speak behind your back'' and then compare me with others which gives me stress so I get more acne... But anyways no my confidence is low and it's understandable I don't even know if I want to get married. I just want kids.
  6. Where did you go? Yeh and also get anxiety attacks for my acne scars if I took the pills earlier I would have looked better...
  7. Acne affects self-esteem a lot. Accutane is the strongest drug it works for the severets so why not fot the mild and moderate? Give it a shot that's the least you can do. I regret not taking it early..do you have a lot of issues with your parents too about your acne.
  8. I don't think it looks that bad but if you need help you can always turn to tane. I wish I had your skin
  9. It does help...but I don't feel better by seeing others feel bad like me..I just hope my future kids wil have a better life..my mum has abused me though and done worser things, but a lot of mum's do that and it makes their kids stronger, but in this case it's worse cause I don't even have my looks to love on....
  10. You're not alone me too..I don't even have a good past I changed school to a worser school...
  11. Ok but is there something else then accutane....maybe if you take it ata young age...