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  1. either i am hallucinating, or this is getting worse. i'm in the second week of pills right now, and my face looks TERRIBLE. why is this happening??
  2. ortho tri cyclen didn't make me gain any weight. and i'm [almost always] clear too! it's actually kind of a myth that birth control makes you gain weight--any extra poundage is usually from water retention, which can be prevented by drinking lots and lots of water (sounds counterproductive, but when your body is getting a lot of water, it doesn't need to hold onto it.) plus, drinking lots of water is good for your skin! good luck!
  3. thank you both! i'll give it one more month to make it an even 6, and if i still get it, i'll call the doc. i think it's almost time for my annual girl-exam anyway...uggggh!! thanks again!
  4. so i'm on ortho tri cyclen to manage my acne, and it's actually working out pretty well. my skin is fairly good for 3 weeks out of the month. thing is, it's not "period week" that things get bad, it's during the second week of active pills (the light blue ones.) why is this? is there anything i can do about it? please note that i'm also using ortho as a contraceptive, so i need to take the pills every day (no babies, plz!!) but i mean--any tricks for preventing that one-week breakout?
  5. well, after being on differin and ortho tri cyclen for 4 months, i think i've got it figured out. the differin doesn't seem to do much (i went off it for an entire week at the beach, and my skin was fine) so i think i'm going to finish out my tube and then not refill the prescription. it's the ortho that makes the difference. my skin is good for 3 weeks out of the month. thing is, it's not "period week" that my skin gets bad--it's the second week of active pills. doesn't seem like there's anyt
  6. day 81. yowza!! things are looking...okay. a few active zits. i've had a really, really stressful week or so, so i'm hoping it's due to that and not to the trinessa (generic ortho tri-cyclen), which i'm in my third month of, turning on my face. i really, really hope not. uggh.
  7. day 55. right now, at this very moment, i have not one single active zit. NOT ONE. lots of red marks, but no actives. i feel good.
  8. thank you both for your input! today is day 37, and over the weekend, i broke out pretty badly. 4 or 5 new zits popped up on the side of my chin, but they seem to be on their way out already. my hormones are all kinds of a mess from starting ortho tri cyclen, so i'm just going to chalk it up to that and keep trying. also, i went off of doxy, because i figured, if i'm going to be on birth control, my partner and i might as well reap the other benefits of birth control (meaning, no babies!) and
  9. well, let's see...it's day 33 and i'm looking fairly clear. a day or two ago, these tiny, tiny little bumps popped up in groups of 2... one group next to my nose, one group an inch higher, and one group above my eyebrow. i was so worried that they were going to get bigger, but only the ones above my eyebrow have (and only minimally so.) thankfully, my bangs cover them! they don't look like pimples, though, and i've never had pimples in those areas. any idea what they might be?
  10. day 27. if that was the initial breakout, i guess maybe it's over now? nothing new at all to report. my red marks are going away and i'm not really getting any new zits. i don't know if this is because of the differin or the doxycycline or the trinessa or all three, but could this really be the end? in only 27 days?? please, someone burst my bubble. i'm afraid i've gotten my hopes too high.
  11. day 23. i'm at the beginning of my fourth week of my differin/doxycycline regimen, and i'm at the beginning of my second week of trinessa. i think i'm in the initial breakout phase. i have three or four big, big pimples on my chin/side of my chin. but i've been putting ice on them and it seems to help a bit. and you know, i don't really feel that bad about the IB. i was afraid it would be worse (i know, i know, it could still get worse) but i just keep thinking, i am at a low point now, it will
  12. day 16. i got my period today (tmi? sorry.) which may have accounted for last week's outbursts of irrationality, and bad skin. next month i'll try the aleve method. this day is also important, though, because that means i started ortho tri-cyclen today. actually, i realized my pharmacy had automatically given me the generic-- trinessa. do you think it matters? okay skin today. nothing new, really. same old, same old.