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  1. Hi, i'm going to Portugal in a few months, and seeing as its a hot country, i'm going to be sweating quite a lot. So I looked around on the UK regimen suncreams(because im from UK) to see which one had the highest praise, and one of them is located in my local boots chemist. I'm going to buy it, but first I just have a few questions First being, how do I apply this suncream to my face, while being on the regimen? Do I not use moisturizer as well or do I just use sun cream for the regimen whe
  2. Hi, i've recently run out of my Eucerin dry skin relief for my face, with 5% urea, and so I had to purchase another Eucerin moisturizer product instead. The new moisturizer is Dry skin relief with 5% urea, but had no mention of being used of the face. My mum tells me it probably is very much the same as the facial cream, but i've tried it out and its very hard rub into my skin and makes my skin look oily and sticky as hell. So I stopped using since yesterday, after using it few times but i've
  3. Don't put moisturizer on oily areas. Only use it on skin areas that tend to be dry such as areas treated with BP.
  4. Hi, i'm new here but sometimes will observe the forum. Firstly, I have oily skin, and I get oily alot at night when I put on moisturizer. I would just like to know, is it ad to have oily skin and also is there a way I can prevent it ? I have tried tissue and such to remove dabs of it but its not enough to keep it from returing, so if anyone cold help i'd really appreciate it.