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  1. I've been using Retin-A 0.05% for about 3 months now and I will need be in the sun all day for five days in about two weeks time for work reasons. So because of that I have two questions - How long can I stop using Retin-A for before it loses its strength ?. I've heard if you stop using Retin, then go back to using it again it doesn't work as well. - And how long without using Retin-A do you think it will be safe to go out in the sun ? please answer somebody
  2. In your opinion, Which of these three is the better one ? not just for clearing red marks but to clam facial redness and having overall healthier looking skin, because I think with healthier skin red marks will clear faster and if you have great skin your red marks aren't as noticeable.
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    help guys

    ok i used to have bad acne but thanks to roccutane, im all good. best product ever. anyway i have bad red marks for over a year, it really sucks. I need em gone as soon as possible. ive been researching on the net and im sure i dont have any scars, i think i have Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. can anybody mention the best product for it ? and what little things i can do to help it leave, things like exericse, more water, ect. ? thanks every much
  4. okk today i think i took 3 pills(2 within 10 mins) instead of 2 . freaking out a lil bit. whats the worse that could happen ??? and is it possible something will happen ?
  5. thanks guys, ok thats good yeah my skin has been starting to get dry since on tane. Honey masks are spose to sooth your skin i think.
  6. is it okk to use a honey mask while on roaccutane ?????
  7. anyway i asked took my first ruaccutane pill, any advice for me ??? can i use things like aloe vera and honey masks ???
  8. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9412815 http://www.feb.se/ARTICLES/OlleJ.html i dont know about you guys but im always on the computer, watching videos and stuff. and about the same time i got acne, i start watching movies and using the pc a whole lot. anybody eelse think they might have thhis ?? and does anybody else know much about thhis ?
  9. Okk soo im trying this out tonite, any idea of how loong i should keep it on for or if i should even do it or anything ??? whats your opinion of this stuff ?
  10. Does this stuff work for Red marks ?? if so how long did it take to work for you guys, im all out of products and think its time to go onto the hard stuff...so does it work ?
  11. acne is around to give a balance of happy and un happy people also for the people saying look on the bright side about like acne gives you information to have nice skin, well i woudnlt need that information if i had sexy skin lol and for everyone saying acne makes you more compassionate, how many of yous have ever made fun of someone with acne before you had it ? and for people saying it makes you relise how bad other peoples lives are, well thats just more depressing, hows that an up side
  12. i used to always rush to the mirror in the mournings, now i hate my mirror lol even tired hiding it and not looking at anything with a reflection hoping that i would have good skin becuase my brain forgot about my problem or somthing...sadly it didnt work lol i have alot of mirrors in my house, this is how it works my bros room = i have clear skin my room = skin sucks mums room = mental breakdown car = mental breakdown living room = somtimes good, mostly bad standing outside looking in
  13. Coooool im buying it, 4 questions 1. where do you get it from? 2. how bad are your marks, like under ten, over ten, over 50 ect ? 3. if u had over 100 red marks do u think it would work ? 4. does it work for normal acne as well ?
  14. wow congrats!! u look great do you think is would help with red marks as well ??