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  1. ok i have a question. ive used proactiv and it didnt work. i used retin-a micro and that didnt work. i have mild acne just on my lower jaw and a little on my forehead. i haver dry skin. throughout the day my face will start to get oily but for most of the day its dry. sometimes it gets really oily though. the rest of my body (arms and legs are always dry). is it a good idea to use this regimen with such dry skin? what moisturizer should i use?
  2. frances, actually im doing the proactiv system. ive done it before but it never dried me out like this. i think it is the amount of bp im putting on. how long should i wait until i increase the amount i put on? thanks again.
  3. my skin is getting very dry and flakey where im putting the majority of the bp. even after i moisturize it gets dry again. should i keep applying the moisturizer until im no longer dry even if it take A LOT? like even more than the bp i put on. i started probably 3 weeks ago and put on only about 3/4th of one fingers worth on the bottom half of my face and then just a little on the top half. my face is really red and it even feels warm sometimes. also my neck is very red and dry too... what shou
  4. i tried basis when i first began the regimen. have any of you felt like the soap just doesnt come off your face? it seemed like no matter how long i rinsed off my face it was always on there...
  5. odor doesnt bother me either. i love proactiv's bp... and their cleanser too.
  6. i got very close to ordering this product after watching an infomercial one night. the next day i called to order. i got as far as giving them my credit card # and then all of a sudden the price went fro 30.00 or so to 55.00. that was the first sign for me that this company might be a little shady. then, i read some posts on this website from users of this product and i saw maybe two positive replies to the twenty or so very negative results... hope that helps a little.
  7. can everyone whose doing this give an update of how theyre doing. also the cleanser that was suggested has Sodium Laureth Sulfate in it. doesnt this clog pores??? and its listed very high up in the ingredient list. i think 2nd, after water.
  8. today was my 5th or 6th day with a regimen like this: 1. use toner 2. apply cetaphil no water before i started this my skin was VERY dry. also, i didnt get any new pimples at all within this time. however, this morning i woke up and i had blackheads on my nose and couple other pimples. i hardly ever get blackheads on my nose and these are very noticable. im stopping now because i believe (like most of the other people who tried this method) that it is clogging my pores and even the added to
  9. dipitlow, its not a hassle at all. its waaay better than doing the bp thing. i dont why when people read this the only thing they pay attention to is the no water. your face CAN and will get wet. im going swimming too. its the fact that the cleanser works better without it and it protects the whole day bc you dont rinse it off. also about you saying its a hassle: normal shave/wash face: 1. wet face 2. apply shave gel 3. shave 4. wet face to get rid of left over shave gel/shaved stubble
  10. im using the proactiv revitalizing toner. i had it left over from when i used it so i decided to try it out to get rid of the dead skin cells. i like it. also i figured out a way to avoid water while im shaving with it too. first i just apply the cetaphil to my stubble but dont rub it in just spread it around and then i shave. afterwards i use the toner to rid the access cetaphil/skincells/shaved bits of hair. then after i get my whole face with the toner i just apply the cetpahil.
  11. i dont really have oily skin but i would think its ok? but i use a toner before i put on the cetaphil to get rid of dead skin. just something to consider
  12. i was on proactiv for 2months before. i cant stand the on-the-spot. im waiting for dan's bp to come out if what im doing now doesnt work. bottom line, i dont like these two products regardless if i started too fast.
  13. i bought 3 tubes of on-the-spot and eucerin renewal to start the regimen. after 5 days i stopped bc i got too dry. does anyone want 2 unopened on-the-spots and a eucerin renewal that was used very little? you can have the other tube of on-the-spot if you really want it but theres not much in it.
  14. dipitlow, i thought it was going to be really gross and unclean too. but after i used it, it felt almost better than after i normally wash my face. also, when i used water with cetaphil it dried my skin up. i used a toner to get rid of the dead skin. i going to keep doing this for a while. ill let you guys know whats up.
  15. can someone else who is doing cetaphil no water or anything else tell me what i should do here: my skin is almost completely moisturized but have some flakes. should i use a toner then do cetaphil or just keep at cetaphil and nothing more? please help me out asap. thanks.
  16. cmt, i dont have cystic acne i don think, cysts are the big one that hurt and are hard right? mostly my forehead, and the two corners below my mouth and the jawline in that area are the trouble areas, i basically never get any on my cheecks, nose sometimes. hope that helped
  17. this is my first FULL day of using cetaphil no water twice in one day. i used it once lastnight. its def helping my dry skin, but i just read in some other boards about people having problems with this regimen. slick, are you still clear or even doing this still i would really like to know so i can make a decision on what to do. one thing i did notice a lot of the poeple who said they wre having problems with this regimen were only on it for a week tops. i am thinking these breakouts were going
  18. i got wrinkles from the regimen too. and i was only on it for 5 days! i think its just how dry your face is. i had to stop because my face was really dry.
  19. cetaphil gentle skin cleaser.. hands down most gentle. also you dont have to use water when you use it. and i think the water adds to drying.
  20. frenchy, do you use a moisturizer with botchla's regimen? if yes, which one? also, do you think it will be ok with my dry skin to do this regimen? as of right now im doing cetaphil with no water any my face is becoming less dry already after doing this only twice. which makes me wonder what if i did this: c&c sa-wash c&c bp-wash cetaphil (no water)
  21. i just started the cetaphil ONLY thing last night. no water, bp, sa, etc. i just got a breakout the day before but i will let you guys know about my results. when i wake up in the morning my face tends to be a little greasy but other than that i have VERY dry skin. should i wash this off with water or just use the cetaphil? also i just came off of dan's regimen and my face is crazy dry. after i put on the cetaphil its still a little dry but def an improvemnt. am i doing this right or should i ad
  22. first off, i am 19. i have some(?) acne. none on my cheecks, some blackheads around my nose and on it and forehead as well. my problem areas are my jawline and below the two corners of my mouth. i just stopped using proactiv and did dan's regimen for a week now. when i did dan's regmin my face was insanley dry. my skin would by flakey and i would put on the eucerin renewal and it would look like the dry skin was just mashed down. i stopped dan's regimen lastnight and used what was left from proa