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  1. I got off Accutane a little over a year ago, and most of the dark spots have faded. However there are mild scarring still red spots on my cheeks and allthewhile I thought they were red marks that might just take longer to fade, but today when I took a closer look they seemed to be broken capillaries. I was wondering if anyone has tried laser to get rid of these red spots? Is there anything that works in conjunction to treat the acne scars as well? I'm from Vancouver, so anyone that's gotten las
  2. I started Accutane at the beginning of November, so it's been six months now. I'm seeing my doctor next Monday and hopefully I'll be done! I am wearing foundation in these photos so the hyperpigmentation is covered, but I was wondering if the scars would get better once I finish the treatment?
  3. I have some indentations on my face and hyperpigmentation. Wondering if anyone's tried this and if it works?
  4. I've been on Acctuane for about 5 months now. I currently do not have any actives, which is great, but I do notice that there are some indents on my cheeks. I've never broken out on my cheeks before starting Accutane, and when I do break out on my forehead it never scarred. Now I'm thinking that Accutane does cause scarring, but I was wondering after finishing the treatment and give my skin time to go back to normal would these scars improve?
  5. Day 35 First nosebleed today! I've decided to stay on the 40mg/day until exams end, haha can you imagine if my nose started bleeding during an exam?
  6. Day 33 ... I think Thanks ItalianBoy I can only find the Aveeno moisturizer so I already bought it so I'll give that a try. Can't believe I'm already on my second month. My prescription just went up to 40/80mg on alternate days. Today is my third day taking the 80mg, and the dryness has just gone up a notch. I have to constantly apply lip balm, my skin is peeling, and raw. I just got out of the shower and my face actually stung a big when I was putting on the moisturizer, so no wonder there is
  7. Day 27 I think maybe I am just starting to see IB now. The left side of my face is completely broken out - maybe 10 actives? I know, it's disgusting. The right side, on the other hand, is feeling a lot smoother. I still have a long way to go though, there are still these tiny bumps scattered all over my face waiting to come out. I am however, happy that I am completely dry 24/7 now. About half of the blackheads on my nose have fallen off, my chin and nose feel super smooth. On the downside, t
  8. I'm on my 4th week now, and there is A LOT of redness on my face. I think I read somewhere in someone's Accutane Log about using olive oil or something that helps? I can't find it anymore, so does anyone remember? Cheers, and good luck everyone!
  9. thanks for the support guys! That just made me feel so much better Day 21 Already done 3 weeks! I don't see that much of a difference yet. The clogged pores on my nose and chin are getting pushed out, and face is dry now for day and night, which hasn't happened ever since I was like 12 or 13, so I'm really excited about that. The derm said that I probably won't see a difference for the first month or two, so just waiting now... oh one side note, i think accutane really is thinning out the s
  10. Day 19 I went for my second derm appointment today, and everything seems to be going okay so far. The only side effect so far is dryness, and my skin is no longer oily He said that if everything still feels fine by the end of the first month, he'll up my dosage to alternating 40 and 80mg/day. The next time I'll see him, though is in my 4th or 5th month of treatment, so hopefully everything'll be cleared up by then! On Saturday, I had one of the worst shopping experiences. I was with my frie
  11. I know how you feel, really. On Saturday I was in the mall with my friend picking out a dress for this Friday (I'm turning 19 on Friday!!!), and I was in a good mood, until we walked past a stand that sells spa skin care, and the salesgirl walked up to me, and she was like how old are you? I thought it was kinda weird that they just come up and ask for your age, but I answered anyway, and then she was like, can I show you something for your acne? I was sooo embarrassed, and really offended at t
  12. Hey! It seems like we have the same kind of acne, and you're only 4 days ahead of me! I'll keep checking back. Goood luck!!!
  13. Day 13 almost 2 weeks! anyhow, i can't even count how many actives there are cuz there are soo many of them! the comedones are really getting pushed out, which i am actually kinda happy to see. last night was the meteor shower, but being in vancouver means rain for like what 200 days/year? missed it my roommate actually set her alarm to wake up at 2 a.m. to see if the sky would be clear, but no, still raining. and it gets sooo windy here, my umbrella actually broke in the wind anyhow on the
  14. Hi acnex100, wow awesome results, you can barely see the red marks. It's really encouraging to see your progress, hopefully I'll get to see some results soon too, albeit my acne is a lot worse than yours to start with. but congrats!
  15. Day 12 I'm happy to report that the oil production has definitely gone down. My forehead and nose are still a bit greasier than my cheeks, but it's a lot less oily than it has been. I just wish that time could fast forward to like 3 months later. The waiting sucks.