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  1. Yea its the tiny bumpes there like getting bigger and then there like poppable its weird. :)
  2. Turning into Inflamed acne Like my skins is basically comedonal acne Non Inflamed and now im starting to break out a little bit and is this a good thing. Im using paulas choice bha and aha
  3. Well i got the 2% Gel i wait about 10 minutes But i might cut that to like 5 or something Well if its well absorbed about 5-10 Minutes
  4. You Know like acne clears how do you get rid of those because there way annoying.
  5. No its Not Ok Because Like that part is Super Sensitive and Will get irritated and cause Deep Wrinkles. Y do you want to put it onder your Eyes. If i May Ask.
  6. Solution With Dans BP there basically the same thing or is there something Wrong with doing that please help There both 2.5 BP But Dans is really Bigger.
  7. When your trying to Clear your Under the Skin Acne (Comedonal Acne) Does it Serface and Turn to Whiteheads Or get Inflamed Or does it Just go Down Ive Been using 2%BHA for 2 Weeks No real change My inflamed acne is basically gone with one left All thats left is Under the Skin Tiny Bumps how long does it usually take to Clear.
  8. I ordered .15 Fl oz and it will be here tuesday and i wanted to know how long do they Last and how big are they.
  9. With my Non Inflamed acne or no. What should i eat. And when you get a pimple how do you make it go down.
  10. Ok im 15 years old im a Guy I have Condemonal Acne on my Chin and Cheeks and on my Tzone And mixed with some Inflamed Acne on My forhead and cheeks sometimes chin But im using this right now Dans Wash Paulas Choice Toner 2% BHA gel Blemish Fighting Solution And its almost been 2 weeks But it seems like as soon as one zit dissapears that somwhere near it another one is Forming and you dont know how annoying that is and it seems like my non Inflamed Acne isnt going anywhere.
  11. Ok So i have this For my Face Dans Wash Paulas Choice Toner 2% BHA Blemish Fighting Solution And im guessing its workign but im breaking out and its so Annoying Like everytime one Zit goes away another is forming right Near it Arrgh i just started using this last week. How do you stop pimples from coming I have alot of comdemonal acne near my chin,
  12. lateef abdullah

    My Weird Acne

    Eeeh So Annoying.
  13. Does these things Bring out all the gunk in the skin and make you breakout bad to clear your skin or is this jsut bad lol. I was wondering because im breaking out on my chin where its it at and happy that once it inflames it will go away is that how it works or not. Just wondering.
  14. Ok here is what im doing Dans Wash Stridex Pads ( for the Condemonal Acne) with Salycilc Acid And Neutrogena Pore refining Moisturizer With AhA and Retinol ( only in the morning) Shouldnt my regimen work i mean I though my acne was the Horrible one but all my acne are like under my skin and i heard that for my type ishould use salycilc acid and AhA so im doing that so should i see results because some of the bumps that were under my sking are getting i guess bigger like inflamed like the white
  15. Hi im 15 im using dans regimen and im breaking out but i think thats a good thing this is what im using please give me your insight to how i should get my condomonal acne away Morning Dans wash Dans Bp Neutrogena Refining pore Lotion with AHA and Retinol ( hoping it helps my condomonal acne) Night Dans wash Dans Bp Dans Moisturizer ANd the pictures are of the acne on my chin and cheeks there so annoying they wont go away at all any insight to how to make them go away please tell me.