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    Good value. Makes you BREAK OUT. Does not clear skin. Drying. Don't try this product. I ignored the bad reviews because, of course, I was desperate, and I thought, how could this be so popular if it didn't work for some people? I bought the started kit and used the program faithfully. I could only last three weeks. It made me break out VERY badly. Amazing-- because I was already breaking out pretty badly before. Normally I have more cystic acne, but this made the cysts wors
  2. I think it did take awhile. I don't know if there is honestly any instant cure (like proactive made it better in two days, then worse than ever by two weeks for me!). I think it did take me at least 2-3 months to start clearing. I know I had an initial breakout period when I went on Ziana. I see how different things work for everyone, but since I was one of these people who'd tried almost EVERYthing, I'm glad to hear people out there are trying Ziana! My derm said the next (and last step) was
  3. Hello all, I have not been on this site in about two years. Two years ago, I started Ziana, and it cleared my skin up. I just got mad because I saw some other site TRASHING Ziana. I think that there is not "cure" for acne, and that we all have such DIFFERENT skin issues. Some things work for some and not others. But if you did not try it, I just want to suggest you ask for ZIANA. I started having acne in high school, then in college it went CRAZY. I looked like the worst pictures you might see
  4. Everybody's skin is different, though. If you look at the list of things I've already tried in my signature, Benzaclin was one of them, and it did not clear my skin. I only made this post so people would know that it is worth it to give stuff a shot even if it didn't work for other people. Because you can just never be sure what will work, I was positive no topical would ever have any effect on my skin, and yet Ziana did, and I almost didn't give it a shot.
  5. A lot of people say Ziana can take up to 3 months to start seeing improvement. I don't know about that, because my IB was at about 2 weeks, by 4 weeks my skin was cleared up from the breakout, back to normal or maybe slightly better than normal. 6 weeks my skin already looked way better than usual. So it probably works faster for some than others.
  6. Hey guys. I haven't even been on acne.org in awhile b/c I look like a normal person now, which is really amazing. It's been years of seeeerious cystic acne. I've done a lot of stuff ( you can check out my signature). Nothing ever worked, and topicals DEFINITELY don't work for me. Even the ones that do work, only last maybe 2 weeks and then my acne is back full-swing. So when my derm gave me Ziana as a last-ditch effort before accutane, I didn't think there was any chance it would work. But it ha
  7. it prob took three weeks to get over my intial breakout. i wish i considered two zits bad. i have so many cysts right now
  8. "Why is your face all red" - my sister "What's that on your face?" - random kid pointing to a cyst "You skin looks better!" - said loudly by my aunt at a restaurant with all my extended family "You use too many products, that's why you break out" - my mom
  9. I take bc too (yasmin). My initial breakout last a while, at least a month. Then after I was on the higher dosage of spiro for like 1-2 weeks, my skin got a LOT better. Now it's shit again b/c I'm too scared to take 100mg of spiro anymore. Ugh ugh ugh. But 50 mg for me is definitely not doing anything to help.
  10. Oh, also, I forgot to add that I have already tried minocycline (which gave me esophageal spasms and didn't clear me at all) and I think vibramicine and also Proactive and ZenMed and Exposed systems.
  11. I have to go back to my stupid dermatologist next week and I don't know what to do. Last time I went, her only idea was Differin cream which I had already tried TWICE. So I asked about spironolactone. Well, I went on spiro. At 50 mg (what she prescribed) it didn't work. So I doubled it on my own. My skin really seems to be getting a LOT better. But, I started to get JAUNDICE in between the fingers of my right hand! So I stopped for awhile. But as soon as I did, skin got bad again. So I started d
  12. You'll see results in a few weeks. You may have an initial breakout for the ACV, but honestly, it was worth it. Use right after you wash (that's when you'd use a toner anyway). I wash with an SA exfoliating scrub, then I use a 90% ACV 10% water(with one asprin mixed in) toner. Then I put on my medicated gel stuff. So you could probably put your BP on then, but honestly you might not even have to use as much BP or any after the acv. I would make you sure wait a few minutes between the ACV and the
  13. I broke out a lot worse when I first started using ACV too, but after that it went away and now my skin has been much better. I also do think it's important to drink it. It sort of gives your skin a healthy glow. But it definitely is drying-- I don't see how you could do without a moisturizer.