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  1. No. I didn't take anything prior to the procedure. I was swelling too much that I actually scared me on the first day. I'd say the swelling did not go away until the 4th or 5th day after the procedure. @beautifulambition Dr rullan recommended me to do another subcision + micro needling + tca cross. what do you think? I think micro needling + tca cross is good. But I'm not sure about subcision. I still have a little bit rolling scars... but the way that dr rullan does subcision is a little bit
  2. So I did subcision on December 18th. But the hematomas haven't gone. I can feel the hard tissues when I press my face. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them?
  3. i washed my face but did not rub my face after the treatment. i didnt get the so called scabs. it is just very thin layer of dark dead skin. i accidentally removed some of them when i apply moisturizer... i'd never seen thick hard scabs, probably because i kept my face well moisturized.
  4. oh, sorry the original post means the the first post that i posted in the topic. the old pictures are in the other topic that i posted -> my subcision experience (august 16 2017) result is in this topic. the pictures prior to this treatment are in :
  5. it's the fifth day after my subcision.... but my cheeks are turning green.... now the swelling is almost gone. should I start suctioning? does turning green seem right? I did subcision twice with another doctor, but I didn't see my cheeks turning green. I saw that this part of my face was going down like several days ago, but since other parts were still swollen, I didn't suction. is it too late?
  6. Got the treatment on Dec 18th. first TCA CROSS with 60% (I'm Asian by the way) he did TCA CROSS very thoroughly, more than the icepick scars that I have noticed. Some he just dipped, some he dipped and rolled to press down. Then subcision. He did subcision differently than Dr morganroth. Morganroth marked individual scars and only subcise under the scar with one needle. Rullan did regional subcision ( larger face regions and very deep. this time I heard tissue splitting sound .... scary) Rullan'
  7. byescar


    @beautifulambition I'm seeing dr rullan on 18th. I'm still kind of worried. I think he will do all tca cross + subcision + micro needling on me. I'm really afraid the mega procedure will ruin my skin...... maybe I will discuss with him on just doing subcision + micro needling.
  8. byescar

    Need advice/tips on this?

    how was your tca experience? he is not even going to use tca on me because I am asian.... his subcision gives very good result though.
  9. byescar

    anybody did TCA CROSS with Dr Rullan?

    He charges 250 for TCA cross. I have scheduled a surgery with him on 12/18. I will do tca cross+microneedling+subcision. it will be $1000. I'm very worried though. I searched posts on the forum, it seems like he does subcision in a more aggressive way. two layers of subcision with two different nokar(not sure about the name), I am very worried about my healing. I think I will further discuss with him on 12/18.... hope it helps..... anybody who did surgery with him, please give me a link of your
  10. where's your update? just booked surgery with dr rullan.
  11. byescar

    anybody did TCA CROSS with Dr Rullan?

    I'm flying to San Diego to do subcision and micro needling and TCA CROSS.... I hope it will be fine. I will consult with doctors thoroughly before actually doing it.
  12. byescar

    anybody did TCA CROSS with Dr Rullan?

    just for anyone who may be interested, I called http://www.centerforderm.com/our-doctors.html you will have to schedule an appointment which is $195 before you get any quote on any treatment pricing.... Dr Ting does subcision for $475, and if it is done by a nurse then it is $300. But they do not offer TCA CROSS. The micro needling they have is infinitely microneedling radio frequency, I am not sure what it is like comparing to the general micro needling.
  13. byescar

    anybody did TCA CROSS with Dr Rullan?

    @beautifulambitionThanks for the information. I visited Dr Ting before, he recommended Picosu laser (something like it) right away. I will try again to see what else he has to offer. My main concern is that for any of the doctors above, I didn't see anybody posting reviews about TCA CROSS result. I did subcision and subcision only with Dr Morganroth at California Skin Institute after seeing a post posted by a girl on this forum. In that way I know how the procedure is and what result I can exp