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  1. Simma down simma down sweety pie, ill let you be the #1 'Fightin Irish' fan in the Org....after me of course;)

  2. Why, yes! I despise ND. "America's Team," my ass!

  3. did i hear you love the 'Fightin Irish' as much as me;)

  4. Well said. Can't believe this thread is still open. Just had to say that.
  5. Bare Escentuals irritated my skin to no end. Glad I only tried a sample. I grade it a D-.
  6. Check out my signature. I have totally clear skin. I'm 26 and have had acne since I was 12. Tried Erythromycin topical, Erythromycin oral, Minocycline, Doxycycline, Tetracycline, Cindamycin, Benzaclin, Retin-A, Retin-A micro, Differin, Tazorac, and Accutane. Only Accutane worked, but acne came back (though not as bad) after 3 years. My regimen works perfectly now, and I love it. In case you care, I do eat a good diet, I don't eat out at all because I can't afford it; and I don't eat bread or
  7. THANK YOU WILLOW!! Now I can try to learn how to relax, fade my scars, and accept my clear skin without worrying about the "dots" on my nose.
  8. Since you seem to be getting better, I'd stick with the regimen and with the Dianette too. 3 weeks into the regimen and seeing the results you're seeing sounds like you're off to a good start! But PM me if you want advice on contraceptives (or post on the Hormonal Methods board), I've been on about 8 or 9 of them. However, each pill is different for everyone, so someone else's experiences have little-to-no meaning regarding your own personal experience. It sounds like your body might be starti
  9. $2500 for two months of accutane? that seems very excessive even for accutane. i've heard $600 a month on here and thought that was bad but wow. might be because i am on claravis but last month it was like $150 to have it filled, it should be more expensive next month when i switch to 80mg but should still be less than $300 (still VERY excessive imo). Rich, there is a difference between what you pay, and what the drug costs the insurance. I paid $40/month for Accutane; I saw the insur
  10. i highly doubt your university doctor can prescribe you accutane. i know the doctor in my university can't do stuff like that. but i'm in maine so it might be different. go see a dermatologist and inquire about accutane. 1) It's impossible for us to know if your student insurance will cover Accutane. Look it up in the information that came with your policy. That being said, i highly doubt it, and even if it did, it probably wouldn't cover a whole course. I'm on student insurance too and ou
  11. I don't know about the ingredients (though if they don't list them on the package, then IMO, it's not worth using), but I used it when I was in college (5 or so years ago). It definitely makes your skin clean and oil-free, but not shiny, if that's what you're looking for.
  12. There are actually many products out there that are SLS-free; the problem is many of them contain certain other substances that aren't great either. I use Dr. Bronner's for everything (shampoo ... body wash ... laundry detergent ... even toothpaste, if I'm in a pinch). I used to use Alaffia haircare products, but now I can't afford them anymore (sad, cause they were great!). And "Natural Dentist" and Tom's of Maine make SLS-free toothpastes.
  13. Gracie are you still on Dianette? That could actually be the problem. The dirty secret that doctors rarely tell you is that one rare side effect of oral contraceptives (ALL oral contraceptives!!) is ... guess what? Acne. Yep. I went on Ortho Tri-Cyclen at 17 because my then-doctor believed all the hype "It's so great for acne! Yay!" ... well guess what? It made my moderate acne outrageously severe. Cysts and nodules everywhere. If you are not using Dianette for pregnancy prevention or cycle
  14. I recommend checking out the Nutrition/Holistic board. There are a lot of members there with Fish Oil experience. But the important things is really the amount of EPA and DHA in the pills, not just the milligrams of fatty acids. I started off taking 2 pills /day (Ocean's 3 Brand) for a total of 1275 mg of Omega-3s; 450 mg DHA and 675 mg of EPA. I now take 6/day for a total of 3,825 mg of Omega-3s; 1350mg of EHA and 2025 mg of EPA. It's expensive, but I take it for more reasons than acne
  15. I've been lurking around this site off and on for about five years now, and I just want to point out that Dan's own products are a relatively new creation. He started this website just to share his success story about OTHER products, and he had such a great response that he took his own time to create his own products - and having been on the Regimen both with over-the-counter products and with Dan's own products, I can say Dan's are far superior. That being said, it's not just the BP that make