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  1. Thanks again for replying so promptly. Regarding the dietary subject, i have been constantly drinking water for the past week now and cutting out all other sodas or teas, etc and sugary sweets and my favorite snack is saltine crackers and i wreck like two sleeves of those a day so ive been trying to stick to just meat, veggies and fruit and a whole lot of water. Something i forgot to mention is that while i posted the first post before you had responded, my derm called me back in for a check up
  2. Thanks, if all else fails.. Would accutane be actually my best bet? I live in VA and my derm doesnt prescribe the original form "Accutane", rather, they prescribe the other form i believe "Absorica" do you personally believe it works well? It just sucks dealing with this stuff i just dont want to enter college looking like a 13 year old. (even though i already have a baby face you got my point lol)
  3. Hey guys whats up, im 18 and ive been having acne for the past 2 years and i guess it got bad enough to where i had to see a derm last year and i tried aczone, proactive, rhodan and fields, etc you name it it sucks. Even face masks and natural cure cream and pills and crap from amazon but the derm put me on 55 mg solodyn about two months back and its just getting worse. Is there any tips or ideas you guys have? My friend had the same deal about a year back and solodyn wasnt working so his derm u