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  1. Have you tried Super Cop? I use Super Cop 2x with a dermaroller and emu oil - my results have been fantastic. I got married and had a baby so i stopped for awhile because of a busy life but i just went back to the dermaroller and copper peptides and it's already working wonders for me again. I use super cop 2x at night (I apply emu oil FIRST but that is because i feel like it penetrates too deep when i apply the emu oil on TOP of the super cop). I get my super cop and emu oil here: http://w
  2. I agree, I buy emu oil from lurebeauty because of their coupons listed on their website, plus theirs doesn't smell too bad and is 100% molecularly distilled -- and they give out a ton of free samples! I think platinumskin care also has emu oil, as well as skin bio? this product has been a miracle cure on my skin also! use it on burns and bug bites too.
  3. anjolee, how often do you use the bp? maybe you're using too often and need to give your skin a break?
  4. from the research i have done, the color is different depending on the diet ... but it is the same product and has the same benefits. I saw results within a few days. I am off to order another bottle because lurebeauty is having a storewide sale .. has anyone tried their body creams yet? I got free samples with my last order and that pink sugar smells UNBELIEVABLE!
  5. The extra strength is working wonders for me, i never used the regular strength but I think you use that until your skin has worked up a tolerance for it. I am going to start using it on a scar on my arm and i will post how that works too!
  6. wow, i just realized that this emu oil works like nothing else to remove makeup (eye makeup) and even facial masks! I was using a sulphur mask on some weird bumps i have on my eyes, and water takes so long to get it off but emu oil got it right off LOL! I still needed some water to actual wash it away. supposedly there are 1000s of benefits to this emu oil!
  7. I am not sure what is going on, but for the last 2 months, i have had these red bumps that keep appearing all around my eyes - in the area where you'd get crows feet, and directly under my eyes and also on my eyelids (they look like pimples but they feel almost flat, not like pimples, but more "bite-like" ). they dont itch or anything, and I dont know what is going on. They seem to appear for 3 days, then disappear slightly for 2 days, then appear , then disappear. they will NOT disappear fo
  8. the emu oil is taken from birds that have already been killed for meat from what ive read. they even use this on burn patients in the hospitals supposedly ... also i always use paypal on lurebeauty's site, so i know they accept paypal too. did you email them to see if you can send a check? spidergirl I always get a confirmation right away from lurebeauty so im not sure why you didnt get one if you did finish your order. weird! id email them if i were you!
  9. Yes, it is supposed to be for all types of scars along with stretch marks, etc. ... dr pickart suggests the Lacsal serum to break up the scar tissue, and then the Super cop 2x will help w/ collagen products and make the area flat ...
  10. aw thank you, your posts are so nice I really know how you feel. I hope that yours are getting better ? are you using anything for yours now? I will keep my progress posted. I really want to post some pictures, but I always find that the camera puts a glare on them. im going to check out my camera card when i get home and see how they came out
  11. rian ... I agree with you, even if I have to maintain the scars, I wouldn't mind, I can't get over the difference in the look of my face, it makes such a difference when I look in the mirror.
  12. Thank you for replying. How long did you use the product? Hmm I wonder if you are right. I have read a lot of places where people say they did disappear but you say yours came back. Grrrrr!!! Im sorry that yours came back
  13. This product is doing wonders for me ... I just posted a new thread about my success with this product here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Super-Cop...rs-t201919.html have a great weekend!
  14. I bought Super Cop 2x because I read that it works great on acne scars, but I never really gave it a good try. I have depressed scars also, and sunday i was home all day and decided to give it a try because the scars have really been depressing me. Sometimes I don't see them but i notice in certain lights, and when there is a certain shadow cast over them, they show more. I have these 2 scars on my cheek that are diagonal from each other. Now I have been using Super CP serum for about 2 week
  15. Anyone have any luck with Avene Eluage Gel for acne scars? I have a few rolling scars - it seems to have great reviews on makeup alley and some other sites.