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  1. silly? it is silly to wish for one day to be able to go out and not look like a piece of trash? Well call me a freakin' clown then. And I know very well there are worse diseases. This has nothing to do with that. I am talking specifically about the research into acne, how it is leading nowhere. For me, acutane left me with no results and no money. Do "most" really get cured through it? If so, lucky me - I'm the special few who are still screwed.
  2. this thread is a bit ridiculous. even though you might feel like you are in the worst position ever, there are actually a lot of diseases that are a lot worse than acne: cancer, renal failure, heart conditions, to name a few, and those still don't have perfect cures either, the medications can be expensive, can have a lot of side-effects and still are not able to permanently cure the patient. accutane is, in that respect, quite a good drug, it's difficult for a few months, and for people without
  3. so west coast huh? I once had someone tell me that the girls in the west coast are hotter than in east coast... do you know any of them?
  4. Only if she didn't mind and if they had a clean break up that was 6+ months ago.
  5. can I get a quick female opinion on something: would you date your best friend's ex? duh...
  6. hey hey why are they idiots for saying which phto looked better to them? so much anger
  7. in answer to the original post: we can't, so no use in trying to think about it.
  8. I'm reading this book, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, emotionally intelligent people are aware of their own emotions, have better control over them, and are more capable of empathy, they're also more confident and generally more socially succesful. so good looks doesn't mean you're emotionally intelligent. emotional intelligence can be learned though, but I haven't come to that part of the thesis yet, so more advice for you guys later.
  9. if you talk about women picking men I think it would be the other way around. and for friendships too, depressed people are just much harder to interact with, no offense, but happy people are just more fun to be around.
  10. they might notice it as much, but they don't value it as much. if you have severe acne, but show people that you are a fun person to be with, they'll for their opinion of you based on that as well and not just your acne. the problem with acne is that you think people will judge you purely on your acne, therefore you get all insecure, introvert and awkward, which interferes badly with your social life. easier said than done, it's very hard to be positive and energetic when you know you have this
  11. I used to feel depressed a lot, but lately I don't really feel like that at all anymore, mainly because I just thought things over and changed the way I handle life. For some people depression might be caused by mental illness, so they can't help it. In my case this wasn't entirely true though, but being more or less clear from acne helped a lot too, but I'm not sure if it was jsut that or that I really changed my outlook. in my case my depression was also caused mainly by insecurity and feeling
  12. look, anyone who said that they liked james blunt has bad music taste. I rest my case.
  13. I think that's a very vague study, as Jordan19 pointed out the study should be done using human subjects.
  14. stopping two days before the party isn't gonna make a difference, the accutane will still be in your body. I'd say just have one or two drinks per evening, see it as a nice oppertunity to practise having fun without getting drunk
  15. congratulations! just one more month and hopefully you'll be rid of your problem for good or at least a long time.
  16. girls like confident guys. guys like good looking girls.
  17. I think it's sort of true, about that women say one thing and mean something else, but it also might have to do with the fact that women use a lot of nonverbal language that men don't know how to read.
  18. I think it also depends on your skin type, if you have pale skin you have to be extra careful and be strict with suncream, but possibly less when you have dark skin/dark hair. just discuss it with your derm.