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  1. I posted a whole positive story a while back...granted i'm not off it yet but it's gone well for me and i only have one month left to go.
  2. My absolute savior has been the Medicated Blistex. It heals SO fast. I ran out this week and have already been going through withdrawls
  3. Hey Guys, I'm having a bit of a sinus cold and would like to take something for it but I just wanted to make sure it was kosher. Can cold medicines affect your Tane in anyway? I looked on the websites and it didn't say anything specific but I remember my derm once telling me to stay away from aspirin like Tylenol and to just use Ibprofen, so I wasn't sure if that applied to cold meds too. Thanks!
  4. I wish my lips were swollen all I got was the chapped part. GIVE ME SEXAY LIPS!
  5. I started Accutane back in May but had to stop coming to these forums because everyone was freaking me out! Horrible stories of reoccurances, bad side effects, etc. made me so nervous and panicky about the whole thing that my very small "I.B." was more due to stress than the Tane. So here's MY side of Accutane that isn't often seen on these forums because people with problems with Tane come here to bitch and ask questions, not those who didn't have a huge problem with it. Like I said, I started
  6. I guess i'm just the bad patient I'm at college and 19 and let's face it - it's really hard to cut it out completely and maintain your social life. I've been drinking while on tane since two months after I started it...and since i've been to school it's happened a little more often...say once every three weekends. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. I really try to span it out because it cant be good on my liver. But so far nothing in my blood tests has shown anything unusual or different...and
  7. I was taken off Accutane for a month after I finished my first month too. But mine was because I got a concussion while at work and the doctor was worried some of the lingering symptoms I was having post-concussed were because of Accutane and not the concussion. It's really not that bad, my skin stayed fine until maybe the last week of the month I was off it for. I just started it again a few days ago. I know it sucks at first, I cried when my derm first told me because I felt like I had wasted
  8. Yessss! So glad I decided to do Accutane during this summer then
  9. I love how the username is "Testosterone" too. YOU'RE AN IDIOT. I really hope a REALLY DUMB TATTOO IDEA is worth fucking up your skin for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. God, I hate blatant stupidity and ignorance.
  10. You're welcome! And your icon kicks so. much. ass.
  11. Avoid any supplement containing St John's Wort (an anti-depressant) in any quantity in it; that's the only thing that'll mess with the estradiol in birth control pills. If you're not on birth control pills or you're taking anything that doesn't have St John's Wort in it, you're all set. Just avoid that and anything with Vitamin A.
  12. Seriously, most guys can't tell the difference between a girl wearing makeup and one not wearing makeup. Also, most guys dont tend to care about a little bit of acne(which it seems you only have a small problem with at the moment). Maybe they'd be a little more aware of say, a third nose, but a few pimples? Not gonna care. You're probably a lot more aware of it than anyone else is, so keep that in mind. I wouldn't bother with makeup on a camping trip, it turns into a really big hassle. Even if t
  13. Well what BCP are you on now? Different types work for different people. One that's worked really well for me, and that's made to help your skin, is Yasmin. Had no weight gain, no mood swings, lighter periods and less cramps. A life saver. I don't think you actually HAVE to be on birth control to get it. I know the derms push it, but mine said as long as you use two kinds of birth control every time you have sex you're good. And there's so many versions of birth control out there. Ask your d
  14. I haven't started my Accutane yet(37 days!) but i have a few questions. My derm said no herbal supplements, but does that mean no tea as well? and what about fish oil supplements, that some people have said can help? He also said 8 to 10 8oz glasses of water a day..does this mean straight water, or can i count water bottles that i add flavor to(such as those Crystal Light On-The-Go little packets) or anything like that?
  15. Hey guys I just found this community while looking up stuff about isotrentinoin and accutance online. I'm really glad I found this, as I don't personally know anyone else who's done it. I've been going to a derm for..4 years now, and i'm really excited to finally being able to try Accutane as nothing else has worked. I have cystic acne plsu the regular comedone kind, since about 6th grade. I tried everything - ProActive, home remedies, antibiotics, creams, birth control, the works. I'm a freshm