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  1. nobody here will believe me (thats okay because i know the truth and it helps me) but masturbation actually keeps me (mostly) acne-free. i try to masturbate once every day. i don't claim to understand why, but i think it releases the hormones which build up easily in my system (im a thin guy). when i go a few days without masturbating, inevitably in the next week or two i will get a few ugly spots.
  2. its pretty obvious what you did wrong, you said it yourself. you decided to stop the stuff that was working, and tried to use some totally new "holistic" regimen that probably doesnt do anything. go back to the old regimen with bp, but dont use mountains of the stuff.... years ago i used to really pile it on, thinking the more i used the better...and my face got all red, but you only need a very thin layer of bp. dont stop using stuff just because it is working!
  3. i use a thin layer of BP in the morning and retin-a micro at night right before i go to sleep. works like a charm. retin-a micro may take many weeks before it really begins to have an impact, so be really patient. after a couple months it gets going and works wonders, and then youre home free.
  4. It is true for me. However, I'm a skinny and lightweight guy, and hormones probably affect me moreso than others. Thus, I realize such a regimen may not necessarily work for others. Well, yes, I am that too.
  5. No joke, I'm 19, had acne for years now and never used to masturbate so much. For the past 6 months I've been doing it every single day. Acne has litterally grinded to a halt. I also use retin-a micro, benzaclin, cetaphil and minocycline once a day. HOWEVER, if I miss a day or two of masturbating, I almost always get a zit or two in the coming week. Masturbating must be some kind of release of hormones for me...keeps them from coming to my face! Disclosure: this may not work for everyone.
  6. Nope, I don't break out at all. I'm male, 19, and I don't use a ridiculous amount of the makeup. Just a thin layer all around my face, in the morning, and I wash it off with the Cetaphil at night. Also, I forgot to add to my original post that I masturbate once a day (I swear it keeps me from getting breakouts), and this regimen also allows me to eat whatever I want... I eat whole chocolate bars, sugar, greasy french fries, soda, you name it (no kidding!)
  7. this spring and early summer I somehow got an awful case of acne. i got on a regimen in may, which made things better throughout the summer. then in august, i tweaked my regimen and the new one has been working phenomenal ever since. Regimen (full face): Cetaphil morning and night thin layer of Benzaclin in the morning Retin-A Micro at night I also make sure to use fresh towels and pillow cases every couple weeks, and clean my keyboard and mouse. I use a Venus razor (my mom gave it to me,
  8. In response to the posts above: 1) Since the first day I have used Retin-A Micro, my skin has only improved gradually. Make sure your skin is clean before applying. You only need to use a tiny pea-sized amount, once a day in the evening, and spread around a thin layer until it is "absorbed" into your skin. Don't contonue rubbing forever, or it will get cakey. 2) Bare Escentuals/Minerals is completely natural and made of all natural ingredients. I have been using it generously every day f
  9. Male, 19 years old... had cystic nodules, zits, pimples, etc. * Have been on Minocycline for 3 and a half months now... I am now starting to take one pill every 2 days, instead of every day, in order to ween myself off the antibiotic slowly * Morning: After shower, wash with "Gentle Skin Cleanser" (Cetaphil imitator, much cheaper). Then apply pea-sized amount of Benzaclin topical cream all around face. Wait 10 minutes, then apply a bit of Bare Escentuals non-liquid makeup to wear throughout
  10. Look into Retin-A-Micro. I have been using it for about a month now and it is slowly and surely clearing up my redmarks... Also use Bare Escentuals (Bare Minerals) (non-liquid) makeup, get the right color for your skin. It is going to take many months to clear up your redmarks, and makeup will be your friend there to help you out in the process.
  11. I have EXACTLY the same thing you have, in EXACTLY the same places. In about April, I had my worst acne breakout ever, I was trying everything to get rid of it, including salicycli acid, toothpaste, the "Dip Method", you name it. I had run out of benzaclin for several months while at college. In early May, when my face was horrendous with cysts and pimples, redness, etc. I came home and began treatment. I began with Benzaclin after being off for many months, also started Minocycline once a
  12. has anyone ever tried using tincture of iodine on their face to eliminate acne? It is used in the medical field to disinfect wounds because it sterilizes and kills bacteria. The only downside I can think of is that it leaves an awful brownish/yellow color on the skin when you put it on....
  13. Along with starting antibiotics, started use of 10% BP last night....applied thin layer all over face, cheeks, chin, upper lip, etc. Left it on overnight, washed off this morning. Don't see a whole lot of improvement just yet, but luckily things are not too bad. I am going tor just apply once per day, at night, for the next several days, then step it up to twice per day, I think.
  14. I'm dealing with this same thing now. I have dozens of red pimples/paoules that just won't come to a head. They stick around for a long time and sloooowly fade. Very annoying. I would guess that these spots/areas just aren't deep or infected enough to attract the white blood cells to the scene of the crime. So, the bacteria just stays slightly underneath the skin and never fully comes to a head. It's both good and bad, on the one hand it probably means your acne (like mine) isn't terribly