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  1. hello.. I just bought a BP cream (I used to buy BP gel 5%) which is 40mg BP in one gram of cream..so I'm wondering if this is a good idea or not.my skin is very oily so maybe a cream isnt really what I should use..starting with nights only. thanks for all help
  2. ok, so this is the case: I am going to visit a friend of mine in a very sunny enviroment for three whole weeks this summer, there will be a lot of hanging on the beach, tanning and swimming so what do I do regarding the regimen? please help, I am getting worried... don`t wanna come home as a pimple-face.. so do I just use BP in the night or not at alle? but looking forward to the warmth anyways thanks anybody who answers!
  3. how can I get rid of those nasty blackheads on my nose? I am using BP gel at night.. help please!! trying to stay away from make-up but its hard when those big ol pores just wont close...any help appreciated
  4. will the BP get rid of my blackheads? I have been using it for a little over a year now,but my goddamn blackheads are still here on my nose.. what can I do to get rid of them? trying to only use BP at night for a couple of days now,but the blackheads seem unaffected by the BP..
  5. thank you for you replys, I think I am gonna try it a while and see what my skin says
  6. summer is coming, and I`m gonna be in the sun and water a lot in the future weeks and months. So is it possible to cut my BP applications to only once every 24hours? Only at night I mean. or will this make me break out again? If I put on a bit more at night and just moisturize a bit in the morning after washing and don`t put on more BP. What do you think? Thanks in advance....
  7. I am pale as a sheet...and I want to get a tan,but I am worried I can`t sunbathe or use a sunbed because I am on the Regimen..any suggestions or warnings? thank you!
  8. can I use salicyl-products on my nose (got some nasty blackheads that just wont go away with just the BP), an BP-cream on the rest of my T-zone? or will this diturb the balance? I`m thinking that maybe the stuff gets absorbed into the body and I dont want a mix of to chemicals running around in my system.. any help appreciated