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  1. I wanted to update the thread after my consultation with the skin care clinic. He essentially said that the only treatment that he offers for acne scars is the Sublative RF Rejuvenation using the e-Matrix device. He said that it's not as invasive as other methods and also more affordable per treatment at $300 per session. Most patients respond positively after 3-4 treatments and no longer feel a need to keep coming after that. What do you think? I did some research and while fairly new,
  2. Thanks for the input. I hadn't considered the possibility of hyper-pigmentation using laser treatment. I am intrigued by the effectiveness of the derma-pen. Seems like this might be the preferred course of treatment for my scars. This is the place I'm going for a consultation: http://www.viennaskinclinic.com/index.html I didn't see any of the aforementioned treatments on their services page. I did see subcision though. Anyone have experience with that?
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  4. Hello everyone, I haven't been on this forum for years because I finally got rid of my adult acne. Accutane did the trick and I wish I had used it years sooner than I did. As a result of my apprehension and waiting, I developed scars from all the cystic acne and picking I did. So here I am at almost 33 years of age. I haven't had acne in over 7 years. I started using Retin-A to address aging and wrinkles recently. My acne scars still exist and I need some opinions from some of the more knowl
  5. Wow!! Old thread. The OP hasnt been around in 5 months though and I dont see any after pictures...
  6. My insurance would not allow me to get Retin_A_Micro, however they allowed me to get Differin. This must mean either the insurance companies haven't caught on yet, or there isn't enough long term evidence to support cosmetic purposes yet based on how new Differin is on the market. I suppose only time will truley tell.
  7. I was under the impression that retinoids had a positive effect on rolling scars caused by acne. Retin-A which is a tretinoin retinoid should have the same effect as the adapaline thats in differin. There both retinoids. However upon further reading it seems that formulations containing topical retinoids can be somewhat effective in treating new, red inflammatory scars, but they are ineffective in improving the appearance of mature, pale scars.
  8. No one here has used Differin? At least none of the over 100 people that read this thread??
  9. Ok...I've just completed my course of Accutane. My concern now is the removal of my rolling scars that consume my cheeks. I have been prescribed Differin 0.3%. My derm told me to wait a couple days before I start using it. So, starting wednesday I will begin applying it before bedtime every other night. I was originally prescribed Retin- A-Micro however my insurance will not cover it after the age of 25. Im 27. So, Differin it is. Will this improve my Acne scars? If so. What is the average time
  10. Acne produces inflamation and causes scarring and premature aging of the skin.
  11. I think that is a very common reply after taking Accutane. I echo it myself. I would have a helluva lot less scars.
  12. Haha, yeah I pulled like 5 huge ones out today. It's really crazy how much can build up in there over night. It's honestly been the only annoying side effect so far that I cannot control.
  13. I think there are different versions of support. I personally did not come here to get a shoulder to cry on. While acne does affect me emotionally sometimes, it's usually something I just get over after a day or so on my own. It's about a mindset and to be in control of ones thoughts. The reason I did come here is to aquire information and learn from different experiences on TREATING acne. I know I'll probably get flamed for this, but nobody TRULY cares about anybody on this board like family or
  14. Yes, their just fine. Proteins are not hard on your liver, their hard on the kidneys and only in large amounts. (More than 2g a day per pound of body weight)