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  1. @KeyKey Thanks for the suggestions! I've always wanted a dermatologist for since I started breaking out at 19 but now it isn't in my budget anymore. I already have dry skin and also eczema so I don't need anything else drying out my skin. I'll take a look into Murad and vitamin C serums I have heard good thing for both! Thanks!
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for clarification when it comes to clearing my dark spots. I bought the acne.org treatment (cleanser, BP treatment, moisturizer and AHA). I don't currently have any active acne other than little bumps that showed up as you see in the pictures below while using the BP. All of the dark spots that I currently have on my face, chest and back are due to excessive picking. (Although I know I shouldn't, it's due to anxiety that I pick at the pimples I would get). What I'd like