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  1. How long are you going on your second course for? has it started to work quickly?
  2. So I went on accutane 60 or 80 mg a day I forget... I believe it was 80 and my acne went away for the last month and for maybe 4-6 months afterwards... it has since slowly returned and while better than before (on minocyclin and benzaclin) I still have some acne problems as well as my skin getting dry from the benzaclin... I also find that i have trouble with acne in other places like my chest or back... I was wondering how many people have gone on a second course and my doctor told me it "star
  3. Hey guys I went kayaking and sunblocked everything but my lower legs (really tan) and feet (I'm a moron.) and they both got BURNED. I was wondering what to do except apply aloe. It is BAD, it hurts to walk (without shoes...) I have work monday and am not really looking forward to it. I was wondering what else I should do ...
  4. I havent had any problems with memory... And my lucid dreams are gone! (As in I had dreams that I couldn't distinguish the dream and real life)... although they are sort of fun at times... but no memory loss... my memory is my life...
  5. I have my second monthly visit to doctor tomorrow (just about 2 months) and I am just about clear... funny thing - me and my doctor belong to the same golf course in town and he saw me there on friday... things are looking great chase! haha
  6. I noticed that we started Accutane on the same day. Just wanted to say hi :)

  7. Nope, you shouldn't do it. The horror stories of people that have gotten procedures done (due to them being an emergency) are not worth it... If you tell your dentist you are on it I doubt they would allow you to get them removed unless of an emergency
  8. "I don't know, and no one can know except a doctor." <-- Couldn't have said it any better
  9. I too got pimples on a new place for the first time.. my nose for me... they were all blackheads... they've gone away (started 09-Apr-07) No matter what... your acne could be gone in a week or 2 months... but it'll be all worth it... my acne isn't all that much better (except the blackheads) and I've been on the medicine for a fair amount of time and I already think it is worth it
  10. not the worse I've ever had... just definitely "one of those weeks" type of flare-ups.
  11. yep, fyi - aquaphor is what they give to people who have received localized radiation (sort of like chemotherapy but to a specific spot) after having cancer... apparently their skin gets really dry too.
  12. I am not an expert, but this could be a serious problem, as one reason the US has iPledge is because some users of the drug had these horrible headaches which was actually pressure building up upon their brain... and because their self-esteem was so low they didn't mention it because they wanted to get rid of acne at any cost. I am not trying to scare you or make up stories... if it doesnt pass in 1 or 2 days... call your derm
  13. I had the same problem a little less than one month in (started 9-Apr-07)... I bought Aquaphor... the second I applied it (no hyperbole) my lips felt twice as good. It no longer hurt to open my mouth. I applied tons of it for a week or so... once my lips became a little bit more normal (although stlil dry if nothing is on) I switched to Vaseline lip therapy because the aquaphor was too shiny for everyday use (I still use it at night).. I also plan on buying and trying the stick version of carmex