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  1. I wouldn't do fraxel over any injectable. I have looked into this because I might use a filler and psr3 or fraxel. Probably not fraxel because i have seen and heard of less than stellar results.. Flash burn is a huge risk for permanent injectables especially the oil. I would call reliant and discuss the possibility of flash type burns. The newer fraxel from what I have read goes deeper so more risk. A thought if you don't are are not getting the results, you could layer injectables. Go
  2. I have the same problem - I have what looks like tiny white heads in the beard area. I asked the Dr. about this and they thought it was clogged pores or maybe milia. I do get milia from time to time when using a lot of sunscreen. Could be the shaving gel. I was hoping besides treating cystic acne it would have controlled milia better for me in the long run.
  3. You really don't know how accutane works, so obvious. Stop obsessing with your nonsense and go to a doctor who specializes in male pattern baldness because that is what you have. MPB is characterized by losing hair around the temples and crown and the two balding areas race to see who can get to each other first. If you don't act now you will be completely bald in months so I would go to the doctor to get a hair analysis done and get prescribed propecia and use with rogaine foam. Accutane
  4. You will have an occassional isolated breakout. Hopefully nothing major. I just finished a six month course. I too experienced tiny white pimples mainly where I shave. They fall off quickly. I ended up having to shave at night and moisturizing thoroughly and that seemed to help.
  5. How long were you on Accutane? I wouldn't worry because it sounds like what your experiencing will go away. Now I have some blemishes due to lack of healing during my six month tane course. Although I fully expect those to go away. If you are not keeping your skin moist it will look old and with linear type lines.
  6. Dermadoctor body Guard is the best sunscreen I have ever tried. Before accutane it would absorb my face oil but leave my face with absolutely no shine. Also one of the few sunscreens at least for me that didn't burn.
  7. Or look into aquamid; looks to be safer and you will see results......
  8. You don't know that you will go bald until you get your case diagnosed correctly. Get your scalp analysis. You can usually get those free of charge from hair restoration clinics because the clinics will want to charge you later for lasers, propecia, grafts, etc, etc. After you hear their mumbo jumbo about your condition and you are still not sure, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician and take your print-outs of your scalp analysis in for his opinion. Now you are educated
  9. Two products that I tried - aveeno ultra calming and suppose to subside reddness - I hated the smell - I think the product works though. Neutrogena Oil-free moisture for sensitive skin - best product I tried and it didn't have a smell. Didn't look shiny either.
  10. Sounds like your hair loss is accelerated MPB. I would quit speculating and further exacerbating your hair loss by worrying yourself to death. Get a hair miniaturization analysis done then you will know for sure. For the unlucky few, permanent hair loss from accutane can happen. And if you are genetically predisposed to MPB your hair loss can be sudden and permanent. If that is your particular case, your only option is propecia and rogaine. If that doesn't work, go get hair grafts or live