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  1. Where are you buying inulin and Oligofructose from? I can't seem to find these items stand alone. I did notice Inulin was in lifeway's kefir though.
  2. Head and shoulders people. I have been using it on my face for 5 days with huge improvements. I went to my family doctor (for allergies) and she said that what I have looks like folliculitis. It really does look like acne though, with cysts/pustules etc. I just knew it wasn't because it itched and my face had been moderately clear before this. Get head and shoulders classic clean SHAMPOO only. Put this on your face in the shower and leave it on for a couple minutes then rinse it off. It'
  3. It's definitely worth looking into if nothing else has worked. I'd say it's a sign that what you have isn't straight up acne and may be some sort of dermatitis or possibly folliculitis. I'm only on day 4 of head and shoulders, but the itching has stopped and my bumps are going down big time. Last night, I also applied a small amount of hydrocortisone to speed up the healing a bit (although you should never use much of this on your face). I plan to do this until whatever I have clears up, the
  4. Look into head and shoulders on your face maybe? I'm trying it with good results. Perhaps you don't have acne, but some other skin condition if everything else is failing.
  5. Hey Everyone, So a little over a year ago I came across acne free redness relief system. I was using only the wash as the other stuff didn't seem to do much. This kept me pretty damn clear. Now I can't find it anywhere and I called the acnefree company and they are saying they have discontinued the product! I have been trying to find a replacement for about 2 months now and I haven't found anything. I have found that sulfur based products work best.. any ideas??
  6. Have any of you tried Head and Shoulders on your face? I have been reading about this lately and I also have a problem with (what appears to be) acne around my beard area. I think it may be folliculitis. Anyway i've been washing with head and shoulders intensive care for 2 days now. I know this may seem pretty harsh, but so far it's been good. I imagine if I continue this twice a day i'd get pretty dry so i'm going to mellow out after today, but I have noticed an improvement.
  7. How's the stuff working for your face? I just started using the intensive stuff for my beard area because I think i'm getting folliculitis there or something. It has been itching like crazy for the last week, i started this two days ago and noticed a slight improvement so far.
  8. Anyone tried this? I've tried it for the past few weeks and it seems to be helping.. wondering if it's dangerous or not.
  9. Anyone try this? I like the idea of exfoliating with sea salts. I've noticed that when I swim in the ocean or even a lake, that my skin gets more clear. http://www.cleopatraschoice.com/acne-treatment-kit.php
  10. It's just as okay as the other BP meds I believe.. I just don't want to have to medicate my face the rest of my life.
  11. Well i'm one week into this treatment, and i'm very happy with the results so far. The red rash has cleared up on my face and it feels great. The first few nights after applying Azelex, I didn't feel any burning/itching like what i was expecting.. however now I am feeling the itching after applying it.
  12. Figured i'd contribute to these forums. I reluctantly went to the derm again, after having what i thought was rosacea. Ever since summer began my face has just kinda been red and irritated, with the occasional cyst. So anyway, the doctor said he was pretty positive that I didn't have rosacea and it was most likely adult acne.. (i'm 21). I told him I liked the Rosula wash (contains sulfur) so he said I should stick with that cause it combats acne too. Here's my regime: Morning: Wash with Ro
  13. Thought you had something wrong with your skin?
  14. I think I might have rosacea, due to using a steroid cream on my face (elocon). I've been reading up on the subject and i've heard that accutane helps most cases of rosacea.. Are you sure it's what caused yours?