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  1. wow. I had mono a couple months ago and the same EXACT thing happened to me. I honestly am not sure why it happened but I sure am curious, if anyone has an answer.
  2. I understand this, but why? I dont understand why the root cause of acne occurs in only certain areas
  3. hey all. some of you may have seen me post before, I have mild acne, mostly whiteheads and faded red marks mostly around my mouth. Ive been on Tazorac for a little over a month now. For those of you who use Tazorac.. how bad was your acne before you started the treatment? did the treatment work at all? if so, how long did it take before you started seeing results? what were the extent of your results? what strength tazorac do you use? any responses will help me get an idea of what to expect.
  4. I was reading around on here and I just kinda thought about this. Does anyone know the real (scientific) reason why acne shows predominantly on the face/back/neck/chest? I dunno, I always kinda thought why not on the arms or legs?
  5. I have the exact same situation as you, Im using tazorac, and it doesnt seem to be doing anything to this type of acne..
  6. Hey lucky, I just started Tazorac 5% a little over a month ago. I did not experience an initial outbreak like I had with other medications. I am using the gel form and it seems pretty passive, it doesn't do anything dramatic, but Ive been slowly clearing up more and more with time. I had moderate/mild acne with lots of red marks from white heads, especially around the mouth area. Id say right now Im about 50% cleared up. If you want to start off gentle, just make sure you use the 5% kind and y
  7. ok, I just tried the ice method. I have mild/moderacte acne, right now my face is pretty clear, but on my left check I have two pretty big red bumps from whiteheads. I iced the area for 3-4 minutes (just like 10-12 ice cubes in a bag) and it made them a lot less noticeable. so I think Im going to start doing this twice a day before I apply my medications..
  8. what about leftover red marks left from whiteheads?
  9. could there be any possible negative effects associated with icing or no? just making sure its 100% safe before I try
  10. thanks for the feedback kim. I agree, I havent been on tazorac long, but I do believe I followed the DKR as closely as it could basically be followed, and I was on that for 3 months, so I dont think it would have been a good idea to bother continuing. Im going to keep using the tazorac for a month or so, and if I still dont see any improvements maybe I should ask for .1%?
  11. interesting. Im going to give tazorac a few more days but I dont think it will help any. can I get more details on ACV? Where can I get it? How much does it cost? And how much did you use when you applied it?
  12. how long did it take for you to see results with this method?
  13. Ok, Im going to be completely honest here. Im 17 years old and Im in my last year in high school. Ive had acne for about 2-3 years now, and it seems to be getting worse. I dont have any blackheads - I get whiteheads and general red marks all around my mouth (worst area), some spread around my cheeks/nose, on my forehead, temples and some on my neck. Recently this same type of acne (although a bit more painful) has spread to my upper back as well. Im pretty sure that I have the typical hormonal