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  1. I absolutely look into that, thank you for your support. Good to know I'm not alone. Xoxo
  2. Nicool98

    Birth Control

    Hello! I have not tried any of that, however I know how absolutely frustrating it is looking around and waiting for something to kick in or even just see progress. I also have bad hormonal acne along my jawline and after trying dieting, spiro, retin A and birth control, I wasted half of a year with no improvement and money on things that didn't work. I havent even started yet, however I'm in progress of jumping through all the hoops and in 30 days I will officially be on accutane. If I c
  3. I have a similar situation, I was originally hoping to solve my condition naturally too but was far too impatient, now I'm soon to start accutane.. However, prior to my decision to accutane while I was weighing my options, I almost chose to try the herbal supplements and natural treatment listed on thelovevitamin.com ! Have not tried it personally, but seems reputable and the woman herself is proof she's onto something. Good luck!!
  4. Okay, for my sake of my own documentation and your curioristy: Went to the derm today and finally decided to go on Accutane. Tomorrow I'm getting blood work done which for me is by far the scariest part of this all, I have this massive fear of needles for no apparent reason but they've scared me to the bone ever since I was little and tomorrow will be my first blood test. I hate how many hoops we have to jump through to even get started. Sidenote: all of this also is concerning because
  5. Okaaaaay. Listen up. I have never had almost any acne on my face for all of my 18 years up until the past 6 months where I have had a crazy hormonal outbreak of constant acne (which is being attempted to be handled, but all good things take time) and only on my jawline and a little on my cheeks. This is kind of TMI but to get a better idea of what I'm asking, this is exactly what I'm dealing with: Very deep and painful cysts and nodules that cluster together. They seem to never go away ev
  6. Hello all, I'm 18 and just started my freshman year of college which should be fun and exciting right? Wrong. I have always had the occasional pimple pmsing, but in the past 6 months I have had the most terrible onset of hormonal acne and I'm losing hope and feel incredibly insecure. Backstory: I noticed my hormonal acne appearing after I stopped playing competitive soccer (which I had played all my life). It appeared slowly, progressively getting worse. 5 months ago I went to a dermatolo