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  1. Hi everyone, I haven't posted in years, I used to have moderate acne and I took accutane which had cleared it up. However I was left with scaring and uneven skin texture. even light wrinkling on my forehead. I Have undergone 3 fraxel laser treatments, the 1st one worked like a charm my skin was brighter lighter and really soft, the second one was more evasive and left some hyper pigmentation, the third one was a nightmare. I had considerably darker skin on my face than on my neck, im a medium b
  2. Hi, everyone I used to post on here alot back when I had acne. Well I went on a course of accutane and it cleard everything up. However to this day at age 22 im not satisfied with my skins conditons. Obviously cameras amplify your imperfections. To the normal human eye my skin looks normal, but in photos everything shows up? Does anyone recomend any peels products I can use to get that great looking skin even with cameras. I see ppl who have horrible acne take accutante and they look flawless. U
  3. If your guy and want to wear makeup, but not in the traditional sense I would strongly recommend these two products by cosmedicine, the first is the self adjusting exfoliator and the second is Honest Face, its a lightspf20 with 4 different colors to choose from. Im about in beetween medium and dark so I go with medium and it blends in perfectly. I love using it at night for clubs, it nmakes my skin radiate light.
  4. Teeth, smile, CheekBones and my HAIR ppl LOVE my curly wavy hair even though I would kill for straight hair so I could spike it up one day.
  5. like someone said earlier, start out with a tinted moisturizer. I tried the makeup ordeal back in highschool and it was a complete mess, never again im mixed and my skin tone is a light golden yellow not a easy color to match so I would never go that route, I do use a tinted moisturizer though and it blends everything togethar.
  6. Yep, I worked with a stict vegan (no eggs,dairy etc) and she had bad skin, constantly had breakouts on her cheek and theywould scab over.
  7. I saw paulina rubios comercial the other day lol it was in spanish. I guesss their trying to appeal to hispanics. Her before pictures were actually quite moderate, she had bad forhead acne and I felt for her because that was my main probelm area growing up , my forhead was a volcanic eruption, Now im battling these scars today.
  8. The Key is too hang around HOT girls and dont give a fuck what the average or ugly ones hav eto say.
  9. Im getting there, but its sad, if you cant love yourself nobodyelse will. I just hope one day ill be able to completely love who I am. Even perfect people dont love themselves 100%.
  10. If you have a local CVS around I would recommend using Juice Organics spf 30 TINTED moisturizer, I have light brown skin indian/asian decent and it makes my skin appear smooth and even toned not perfect, but good enough for me as I haven o active acne, just marks and scars. Best of all its all natural and will improve your skin its not a chemical loaded run of the mill drugstore product, I even use their nourishing cleanser which is amazing!!!!!
  11. Tricia, I really apreciate your concern thats some really great advice that I will take. I guess I was a bit rambuncious and jumped righti n after I heard the word FREE. Anyways ill look into it a bit more.
  12. I went for a Dermabrasion Yesterday 4-25. Not to mention the girl was very nice and sweet who was doing it. Anyways then she calls in the senior derm who does invasive treatment and he was explaining how he was conduting a case study on 10 patients and I would be number 5. Any how he went on to tell me about how in Asian and other pacific island countries needling with 100% TCA was becoming popular because the results were outstanding he asked me if I would be interested in being in his study si
  13. I ALWAYS put the cap back on, my mom scared me at a young age saying "if u dont put the cap back on the toothpaste roaches will eat from the tube" Since that day on I always made sure the cap was securely on.
  14. The Anit Roughness exfoliater is a mazing. I used to use it. Just dont over do it. Use it twice a week like stated!