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  1. Stormcore


    Drastic improvement
  2. Hehe thnx Vince As for clothes: I wear a lot of lonsdale London,Hooligan,Pitbull Holland, Fred Perry,Ben Sherman Shoes: Army boots(no white laces) Nike Air Max Classics Jacket:A Bomber jacket In the Netherlands this is called Gabber-Style and they sort of lend it from the skinheads in Britain.
  3. In his 3 month pic u can see little acne,but in his current pic with the 2 girls u cant so im guessing he got rid of it, btw Stormcore wht did u use man ?? wht medication or remedy anything plzzzzz. :mrgreen:
  4. When iam eating a big pizza i always eat the salami first so i clean the pizza from nasty red spots.
  5. Yakuzi youre method is fucking good it cleanses my mild acne in 3 months i take a not so hot shower every day. And then wash my face 5 minutes with ice cold water and it makes my skin feeling extremely tight and fresh. I also apllied zinc-oil on my face every night and it really helped against my acne. For a progess pic check my topic in the emotional topic
  6. thnx guys for the nice comments, but i will now post a picture wich was from 3 months ago and you will understand my problem :redface2:
  7. Maybe i was a little overreacting and i know there are a lot off people wo have real problems with themselves. But i was just interested in your reactions. And tommorow i will post pics from very close so that you guys can rate my acne.
  8. Heeey Crooked yeah thats wat we call Gabber-Style in Holland its some sort of new Skinhead style B) And remember this pic was for posing i dont really wear braces in real life But in the past i received a lot of comment about me being ugly. Tommorow i wil post a close up pic of my face
  9. Please girs iam a very shy guy from holland and i would like to know if iam as ugly as most people say i have moderate acne. :redface2: