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    All kinds of music, I love movies also. I work at a movie theater and hope to go to school for film in a couple years. I like ice skating and tennis and hanging out with my awesome friends.

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  1. When going through bad breakouts I find that I can't even watch TV because all I think about is how clear everyone else's skin is, and it actually distracts me from the actual show. lol god it sucks.
  2. I have been on this regime for almost a month now and i have to say that my skin has improved tremendously. However i do not use ONLY water, i also use every other day St. Ives Apricot Cleanser...*not the scrub* the cleanser is MUCH more gentle with very small exfoliating beads and it has i think .5% SA which i think is a pretty good amount. It's great for gentle exfoliation, makes my skin soo soft. Been drinking lots of green tea, using green tea bags and lemon juice for red marks. I've a
  3. I was really glad to see this post...I just got back yesterday from a three day trip to Michigan's upper peninsula (I live in the lower peninsula). Friday morning when we left i put makeup on...later on at night when we got to the campground, i put more on instead of washing it off...and to make things worse, i didn't wash it off before going to bed. Saturday i washed my face but only with a bar of goat's milk soap. Sunday - i didn't wash my face at all. It wasn't particularly sunny this weekend
  4. Unfortunately my best friend is known for making fun of me and she doesn't even realize how much it hurts. Like one time she said we were like twins, and then added (in front of about ten people) "Except I don't have pimples" and then once she said my face felt like the opposite of the moon. Whatever the fuck that means. Opposite of craters, I guess? And I'm like wtf bitch, you may be my best friend but stfu. It's okay though because she's the only one that does it and all my other friends repri
  5. Hahahaha...wow you sound like ALL my guy friends with that. I shouldn't find it funny but I do.
  6. I think I have the same problem as you and I have yet to find anyone else. I don't get too many pimples or anything. In fact my acne is pretty under control, I dont break out too often, and if i do i don't really mind...its these marks that won't go away. My red marks have faded, but these tiny little brown spots are still hanging around...sometimes it looks like tiny little holes in my skin (they're not pores...i'm not THAT stupid like some people, lol). NOTHING is getting rid of them. I wash m
  7. I have a question, not sure if it was answered in this post somewhere, but can you order the AHA glycolic acid through the pharmacy at a local drugstore? I really can't order online! I know I could just GO to the drugstore and ask but since I don't drive, my chances of getting there soon are not likely. Thanks!
  8. I will light up occasionally, and I don't really see a correlation between the times that I do smoke and the times I don't. Then again, I don't smoke frequently, it's very spaced out, probably once every month or even less (it's mostly chain smoking anyway). Soo I don't really think smoking is as addicting as people say, depending on the person who is actually smoking.
  9. I think this is a great theory to look into. I'm wondering, could maybe boiling water before using it help remove impurities? Like say boiling the water and waiting for it to cool down quite a bit before using it? I don't think I'd invest in washing with bottled water...Although buying a filtered shower head sounds like a great idea as well.
  10. I agree 100% with the hollistic approach. Many people have had a lot of success by making drastic changes to their lifestyle and by only using water. I do hope you find success on accutane. However, I hear often about people getting clear on it, and then after some time being off of it, they break out again and the cycle repeats itself. I think looking into a lifestyle/diet change as a permanent solution would be something to consider. Anyway, good luck with whatever you do! Never give up. I ca
  11. Sometimes there isn't much you can do, you have to wait for them to fade. Although a lot of people here, including myself, have had a lot of success with Apple Cider Vinegar.
  12. I love coffee as well, especially when waking up at 530 every morning. But I cut it out and have seen amazing results, sooo...i don't know! You could try just for about a week like I have. I'd much rather have clear skin than coffee.
  13. This is so weird, I never thought my diet could affect me this much. I cut coffee and pop out for about a week. I also stopped eating cheese (I pretty much eat it every day). I drink lotsssss of water. Other than that, I have not changed anything in my diet, but my skin has had dramatic improvements. While my problem side was my left side, it is now virtually clear (I had two small almost unnoticeable whiteheads that are quickly going away - i apply BP on them both morning and night) I thin