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  1. There are A LOT of products containing parabens... such as moisturizers, make up, shampoo, conditioners, etc. just like what's said above. Many known brands have parabens--it's written on their labels. Read product labels and try to avoid 'em if you can.
  2. Hi there! The blood test I had included lipid profile (Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, Cholesterol) and liver function tests (ALT/SGPT and AST/SGOT). Isotretinoin/Accutane is a hepatotoxic drug (it's really toxic to the liver) so the doctor needs to know if your liver can handle the drug well. The drug can also alter cholesterol levels in the body so a normal lipid profile is needed. If a patient has "fatty liver" then the doctor won't prescribe this drug. I'm not sure about other tests doctors fr
  3. I've been on isotretinoin since April 2008. I didn't have lots of pimples back then--just a few big ones from time to time. (which really sucked) Anyway, my doctor advised me to take it so that scarring will be avoided. She only prescribed me 20mg/day. Now I'm down to 10mg/day. My experience with it has been alright. If you don't have lots of pimples maybe your doctor will only put you on a low dose. I think that's okay.
  4. Hi there! I've been taking 20mg Isotretinoin for 52 days now, almost 2 months. I know it's definitely a low dose but actually my dermatologist has no plans of increasing the dosage. So, I'm gonna take 20mg of it for 8.5 months. I also have mild to moderate acne. In the first week, I noticed that the oiliness of my skin diminished. I did have an initial breakout. I had huge cystic pimples on my forehead and nose which were totally awful. Slowly they disappeared (with the injections from the der
  5. If by any chance one of you goes to the Philippines for a vacation or whatever, it would be pretty cool meeting up, or at least waving at each other? Hehe. Or maybe someday, if I get to work in a hospital abroad, we could meet because I'd be your nurse.
  6. Early this month I stayed in the province where my grandparents live. They get their water from deep wells. During my stay there my skin became rough and scaly and several pimples emerged. My skin hurt. I am on Isotretinoin so the dryness could be explained by it... But then when I got back home (to the city) the dryness was very much reduced. I think it has something to do with the water; I just can't fully explain it scientifically. Hehehe.
  7. Hi! My dermatologist made me use SebaMed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.
  8. Hi! I'm taking oral Isotretinoin right now, Acnetrex. I don't have severe acne but my dermatologist thought it was best for me to go on this therapy. Her clinic is very near the GMA-7 Building. (Yes, the tv station) It's in Quezon City. The clinic is Skin Medica, it's above the 7-11 store. I think she holds her clinic there Thursdays-Saturdays.
  9. Hi there! I also use BP and Differin the same way as you do. The azelaic acid that I use in not in cream form though, it's liquid. I use it for spot treatment only. I really don't want to tell you what to do because I'm not a dermatologist. :) I use azelaic acid at night, before applying Differin. I don't know if the azelaic acid cream feels the same way when applied but based on my experience there's a stinging sensation on the pimple after application. AA also makes the pimple itchy. I would
  10. Hmm, about the dairy products, my dermatologist said that in a study they found out that cow hormones in milk fat cause/contribute to acne. So, she said that we'd rather drink skim milk.
  11. Hi there! My reply isn't really going to answer your question about where to get it online(I'm sorry); I was just surprised at how much Differin in your country or wherever you looked at costs. At present I'm also using Differin, but the cream one. 2-3 years ago I used Differin gel but I stopped. I'm from the Philippines, and (assuming your from the US) US$150 is equivalent to 6300pesos. I bought my tube of Differin cream from the pharmacy for only 500+pesos. So that's about $13 only. I'm sur
  12. My dermatologist told me to first apply clindamycin on my face, then azelaic acid to the pimples, then finish it up by applying Differin cream all over my face. You could ask your doctor if there's anything else you need. It depends on the condition of your skin right? Good luck!
  13. Back when I was in grade 6, I used Brevoxyl Cream. Manufactured by Stiefel, same manufacturer of panoxyl. Now I'm using Benzac AC. Yung tatlong yan lang ang alam ko eh. Di pa ako nakakapagtanong sa drugstore. :razz: