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  1. he said: 100% tea tree oil not green tea, be careful its not the same, you drink the green tea the tea tree oil no. and you can find 100% tea tree oil easily i think. By the way lamarr1986 this guy said that 2.5% BP was aggressive with his face i don't know if you know but at least to me 2.0% tea tree oil is much more powerful than 2.5% BP how can you recommend him 100% tea tree oil to him? even being mixed with any moisture the % will be above anything that his face could handle. gbgadri
  2. What kind of AHA it is? i have the Advanced system from Neutrogena and it states that you should discontinue the use of any product containing retinol, glycolic or salicylic acids one week before start the microderm hmm by the way i think it has to be with the healing process of the skin and the sunburns if you you any AHA while you on Microderm maybe that situation can make the healing process of skin to slow down and make you more prone to get sunburns i dont know, it says also that you should
  3. hi im new to acne.org and i just wanted to share that i just recieved acnope its been two days ur suppose to see a difference in a week so cant say much but i must say i am liking it so far ill keep everyone posted and BYW i wanted to share the products i have used in the past clearasil (waste of money) neutrogena (waste of money clean and clear (waste of money proactiv (this stuff is poison for skin) murad (worked for 1 year) acnexus (did nothing used for two weeks and nothing changed) acnope
  4. IF something i have learned from pills is that if is not Accutane or B5 (maybe Omega 3 too) is 95% that any other pill is not going to work, is internet after all. I dont think it can work but if you try let us know.
  5. the aha i used was 20% and i think is the strongest one out there i really do not recomend you to use aha with Microderm they both do the same after all (well aha is better for acne than microderm i think, but microderm is better for whiteheads than aha). Anyways 12% AHA is strong u shouldn't use it but if you want be sure you wouldn't regret later.
  6. Ok see my description here...: My face: Very Oily: yes Sensitive: Not at all. (i can use anything so far without problems) Pigmentation: light brown Whiteheads: Nose, Chin and a little bit on the forehead (very stubborn) Acne: Controled but not Clear at all. ----------------------------------------- OK thats it. Now i want you people to recommend me some great product to remove those whiteheads. I personally do not think that salicylic acid doesn't anything to me (other than make my face v
  7. I have very oily skin also and I've been using bp for years in the form of gels. I'm not exactly sure how long bp lasts, i think that it depends on how much you use. I think it's also important for most people to use it twice a day in order to see results. I don't think that oily skin would weaken the effect of bp. If anything, many brands of bp help keep my skin less oily. Hope that helps! hmm i use the Dan gel, you can make your face stay dry almost all day putting the gel on the surf
  8. Sup acne.org! I just was thinking about benzoyl peroxide and i got 2 Qs. For how long the active effect of Benzoyl peroxide last when u used it? If u have oily/very oily skin, that can contribute to weakend the BP effectiveness?
  9. hmm.....call me horny if u want but im not going to stop for any of this (that is not proved) and i dont think it has to do anything with it. and by the way if by any means this orgasm thing influence with it hmm well i can live with some breakouts cant say the same about sex. PD: This can work for many many believers, cause we humans can cure wen we believe even having nothing to do with it. I respect the opinion of everyone about this but i personally do not agreed.
  10. fish oil pills 5+g????? where do u get them at? sig link If that doesn't work, and your acne is that severe, then accutane (I suppose)
  11. Not just the sun only if you live in a tropical place (like me).....definetly the sun its the source of everything, you can get very oily just goin out of you house not even having direct exposure to the sun just walking around in a hot place.. or after the rain when the water evaporate i think that can get you and affect your oil production (in the bad way). Sorry for my bad English.
  12. Well since my face is too dang oily i think ill start with this: http://www.vitacost.com/NSI-Pantethine-From-Pantesin 2 a day it is recommendable to take it with food? Im also taking omega 3 and soon im getting some green tea extract also, I will try to balance.