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  1. Has anybody tried just not applying it for one day and seeing if it lessesn the amount of sweat? Or is it a perma-damage type thing...?
  2. Who wants to try an experiment of one day not using anything on the face except a cleanser, and see if you sweat while doing very light excersise ?
  3. OK so using the BP and moisturizer as directed, I only apply the medication to my checks and chin, not my forehead. However, whenver I'm doing very mild exercise, I sweat from all over the face and even the forehead, where I put no products except washing with a non-medicated cleanser. Does anyone know if this is related to the regimen, and how I can prevent this from happening? Thanks guys
  4. For what it's worth, I take a gram of protein per pound of body weight (170g daily) and I'm on creatine and I don't find that it effects my acne for better or worse. I will say that a high protein diet increases the healing rate of redmarks though!
  5. UPDATE : This stuff is great only have one active zit and almost everything else is invisible except in fluorescent lights.
  6. Since starting the 0.3%, I'd say it's mild. I have about 3 active pimples, and 2-3 fading ones. My theory is that with the 0.3%, I'm going through the purging, or adapting to the new strength, phase by breaking out. I'm not ready to say the 0.3% is not as or more effect because the pimples I did get from the breakout seem to be healing quickly.
  7. Honestly, I had used differin 0.1% for about 9 months and was essentially clear minus a random pimple, but I decided to swtich to 0.3% to see if I could get entirely clear. I've been on 0.3% for about 3 days now, and I've broken out alot. Not sure whether or not this is from the change in medicine or not, or from other factors (I've drank alcohol alot in the past few days). I'll keep you posted though for sure.
  8. Not in pharmacies in my city yet so I have to wait. Got the perscription tho.
  9. GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY!?!?!??!?! lol jk
  10. Hey, you're one of few Canadians on this website . Yes, first you'll have to see your family doctor or gp and show them what you got. Generally they'll perscribe you something that isn't going to work, so id ask them right away if you could be referred to a derm.
  11. I'll speak for that other 1% and say that fish is fine
  12. Can a family doctor or gp prescribe 0.3% differin? Or only derms?
  13. Do you think I could upgrade from 0.1% to 0.3% without an additional perscription?
  14. So I use Dan's BP during the day and Differin at night. I basically have no pimples anymore, but my face is wartorn with redmarks from the battle. So I'm wondering, would applying differin at night, waiting 30 minutes, then applying aloe vera somehow reduce the effectiveness of the differin or would it make no difference? Thanks alot guys
  15. Well there's really not very many good arguments to oppose the theory that sugar causes the inflamation which becomes acne. That being said, the reason this theory in my opinion is true is that when you eat sugar, insulin is required to allow cells to use the sugar that is in your bloodstream. However, when going through puberty, or for some much later in adulthood, your body will develop an insulin resistance which causes the excess sugar to remain in the bloodstream. Having excess glucose(suga
  16. You are all forgetting some very important details lol. First, you cannot "give it away" because people who invested in your research would demand, and rightfully so, a mark-up on the prices so that they can make a profit. Furthermore, the money u spent in research would be a huge debt that you would have to repay, probably in the hundreds of millions or billions, so you would have to ask a hefty price to break even. Even if you were to say you'd sell the cure for cost, which most of you would
  17. Interesting, drinking doesn't seem to affect my acne or redmarks, but smoking weed breaks me out like mad; never misses.
  18. So which one is the MAIN contributor, anybody know?
  19. Well I won't say I agree with him, you can't disprove his theory. His theory is just as valid as that of stress can cause acne.
  20. Deffinitly try it, cleared me up good with no redness
  21. i doubt thatll fly with my derm, but if a general prac. can give me the prescription that's sick, thanks
  22. OK so my derm prescribed me Differin and it's been working rly well, but im almost done my 3rd tube and my prescription will be out soon. As all Canadians know it's death to find a derm to treat acne it takes around 6 months, can a family doctor prescribe me more :S?