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  1. Ive gotten my hair highlighted blonde 2 times since being on Accutane..Its been fine =)
  2. Day 177..(Or around there lol) flossy-Have things gotten any better for you over the past couple of weeks? Im glad when you read my log it gives you hope! You can PM me anytime if youd like! So..Good God..177 days lol..Today was my 6 month check up, and the derm decided to keep me on Accutane one more month..It doesnt really bother me, because I would rather stay on longer and hopefully never have to go on it again, BUT GEEZ! I feel like Ive been on this stuff my whole life lol. Now that its f
  3. Day 162.. flossy-Things have gotten a lot better for me lately, have they for you? I hope so!! If not, just hang in there, hopefully things will start getting better sooner if not later! Holy crap, day 162!!! I remember when it was like day 14 and I was like OMG this is neverrrr going to end..But time has actually gone by pretty quickly..It did drag on like the first month, but once that was over with, things started moving! Its weird to think about how much my life has changed in the past 162
  4. No I have that too!! Hahah, I never notice it until Im laying in bed at night trying to sleep, then its totally gurgling..I figured it was something I ate too..But its been like that for like 2 months, sooo pretty sure its the Accutane
  5. So Im about to finish up my 5th month, and start on my 6th and final month of Accutane..Ive had great success, I was perfectly clear pretty much from the middle of my second month til the end of my fourth month..Now, the past 2-3 weeks, Ive been waking up with at least one new spot every other day..This is isane! The spots arent huge, but theyre annoying and why are they coming now? Im still doing everything the same as I have my whole course..Im just worried all of a sudden its not working? Has
  6. Day 140.. Hmm..So I have like a month and a half left..And Ive been breaking out pretty much every day for the past 2 weeks..This blows =( I havent broken out this bad since BEFORE starting Accutane..Boo =(
  7. I work at an after school pogram with kids from kindergarten to 6th grade..Ive actually gotten more comments on my makeup than my acne..Kids will say "You wear sooo much makeup! Are you trying to look like Barbie? Why do you wear all that....stuff?" Id like to say "TO COVER MY ACNE!" But I just laugh and say "Because I like it that way.." Haha, but kids make me very paranoid..I hate when I see them staring at my face, usually Ill get up and walk away before they get a chance to think up somethin
  8. Hey all =) Ive never posted in this section, but I feel like I need to vent..I just started my 5th month of Accutane, and so far its one of the best decisions Ive ever made..Im feeling so so so much better about myself, and I can go for DAYS without thinking of my skin, when I used to not be able to go an hour without it popping into my head..Well, before I started Accutane, I thought the only thing I ever wanted and that would make me happy was clear skin..Well, now I have it, and Im more depre
  9. Day 120..I think lol Sooo I havent been on here for awhile! I think that means good news =) I just had my checkup to start month 5 last Tuesday..My cholestrol is still really high, and if it gets any higher I wont be able to complete the total 6 months..I was actually kind of surprised I could go ahead with month 5..Things just seem to not be going in my favor lately haha, but Im really glad I can continue! The spot I had on my head like hmm 2 weeks ago? Its still there =( Its gotten smaller, b
  10. Day 105.. Geezers its been awhile! WEEK 15!!! YAY! Umm, things have been going pretty good lately =) I hadnt had an actual like big spot in probably a month or so..But this week I got a big guy on my forehead =( It seems like it keeps growing! Im thinking maybe its because Ill get my period in a few days, but who knows? Hopefully thats it and I wont break out anymore! Thats the only active though on my face =) All those small random spots I had been getting have cleared up and I havent gotten a
  11. Hey guys..Im in need of some help..Im about a week and a half into my 4th month of Accutane, and things are going great =) However, my derm said if my cholesterol goes up any more, he will take me off Accutane at my next visit..I dont want to complete only 4 months!! Plus, my parents have high cholesterol and are on meds for it, so I know it runs in the family anyways..I just dont know what to do..He said to eat right and run a few miles every day..Im a college kid, I dont always have time to ea
  12. Haha well get on that! I havent seen pictures in like..mm what 4 months? Haha, hope youre doing good bud =)
  13. Hey hun! Thanks for stopping by my log! Good to see you are starting to see results..and who knows, maybe things will just keep getting better! You could be one of the lucky ones =) Good luck with everything, Ill be checking up on you! Take care =)
  14. Day 92.. routhman-Whaaat you had to write a paper before school even started?! Whats the deal with that lol..Well I hope its going good for you so far bud, miss ya! Sooo day 92, I think! Haha, yes Im pretty sure..Well, I had my derm appt last Tuesday, not so great news..He told me my cholesterol is very high, and if its any higher at my next appointment hes going to take me off Accutane!! NOOOOOO! Ill only have 4 months done by then, that wouldnt be cool =( Im pretty nervous, and I know high c
  15. Day 84.. routhman-Thanks for always being there for me bud =) I really do appreciate it! I got your PM, so you better have gotten my response haha..And youre almost done!! Waaaah lucky Im jealous! charleeann013-Hey hun! Thanks for stopping by and reading my log =) I know..Im still not totally clear, I just got a big bugger a couple days ago =( But my face has improved a lottttt since Ive started! Im only about half way done now, so Ive still got some time left! Do you have a log started? Ill h