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  1. i have a problem with cysts. i get those really huge red spots that start below the surface and slowly and painfully come up all the tiime. are there any things i should "ask" the dermo for like accutaine or wahtever? i know he will prolly know whats best but i just wanted to see if you guys had any tips. thanks.
  2. cool deal thanks guys ima go try some of that phisoderm stuff tomorrow its salytic acid right?
  3. hi guys i have found that whenever my face gets really dry and tight that it seemes to help my acne by kinda shedding it or whatever. right now i am using clean and clear bp wash but i would like to use a salytic acid wash as well so it could help attack it more. anyone have any suggestions?
  4. damn dude congrats you are really clearing up nice
  5. i'm thinking of stopping it =/ you said you used it for 5 weeks? i have used it for 4 weeks and have seen a little improvment. if you could go back would you have continued with it?
  6. ugh so here is an excellent example of the huge red areas i get this just happened overnight... drives me fuckin crazy wtf is it?? http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/d29f.jpg http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/d29l.jpg http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/d29r.jpg i have been on this regimine for exactly 29 days... do you guys think i should try something else and order some of dans gel or keep with the botchla??? how long did i
  7. i always take a hot bath before i pop my stuff. it comes out alot easier (sometimes on its own)
  8. ok its getting better i think it seems i have new white heads like evry 6 hours??? is this normal?? like this one spot is always filling up on me http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/d25f.jpg http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/d25l.jpg http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/d25r.jpg
  9. ARGHHHHH!!!! will my skin ever get better!!!! i contine to have huge red areas on my face. i havent gotten a cyst this week but i get these huge red areas. its so frusterating. I will contine on this regimine as its better than nothing but damn! i';; post some new pics tomorrow
  10. just got back from the beach the sun really helped clear me up alot i think. i need to layout everyday or something just need to stop getting these huge red things !!!! http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/d14f.jpg http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/d14l.jpg http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/d14r.jpg
  11. ok well this really sucks because i was hoping my face would clear up by the time i leave for the eback thursday but that dosent look like its gonna happen. i admit missing washing my face twice a day somedays but i have at least used to bp wash once a day. i have a huge red bump and it needs to be gone!!!! ](*,) http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/d10f.jpg http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/d10l.jpg http://chrisg.serveftp.com/Scripts/Web%20P...ploads/
  12. well guys heres an update my skin seems to have broken out again last time i posted pictures was the best it has gotten and its gone downhill the past couple of days. i'm still washing with the stuff so hopefully its just a temporary thing. pics in a tad