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  1. Kaley, when you say acne hs made you a "less swallow" person, do you mean "shallow"? That's cute. That made me chuckle. Or maybe you do mean swallow. You have become a less swallow person, and now you are a more spit person. Naww but I agree with you, in that I judge other people less, cos I now realise that stuff like appearances don't necessarily represent a person's character accurately.
  2. Tell them that you were swimming one day when you were scouted by nike, and that your chest is now insured for 2 million, and must only be bared in the company of a nike executive, for legal reasons.
  3. Awh thanks guys that made me feel better. I do want a new life, so I shouldnt be scared of getting one. By the way, Christof, you do seem like you'd be good at helping new students. Plus, essex accents are cool cos they make me think of gavin from gavin and stacey. Good show, that.
  4. You cannot let acne get in the way of life. I mean, I don't know if you do or not. You sound pretty grounded in your post. It does suck a buck that the accutane didnt work, especially when you would have been pinning all your hopes on it. But all you can do is go back to the derm and have a convo aboot what would be best, and then just get on with living, really.
  5. Don't look in the mirror so much. It can do a lot of harm when you're at a rough stage. Hang in there. All these shitty things that happen to us in life, like acne, can either strengthen us or weaken us, and it's our choice to do what we can with them.
  6. The guy's girlfriend sounds quite the twat, to be honest. She sounds like a real stirrer. What kind of loser would call someone up on voicemail to tell them stuff like that? You're not a crybaby. You seem cool. This guy doesn't seem worth bothering about, really. He's a cheater and a liar, for a start, and if he really did say that stuff, then he's just a d1(k. Would you want to be with someone like that? A lot of people wouldn't. Don't let those two people get in the way of your life. It mu
  7. So soon I will be starting uni/ college and I spose I'm kind of nervous. I'm worried I won't make friends and stuff like that. Just a second ago, I typed "nervous starting uni" into google, and one of the results that came up was this guy making a post on some website that said, "I'm nervous about really trivial things, like not making friends." ????????????!!!!!!! Uh, Hello? MAking friends is not a trivial thing at all! Friends could make or break uni life, couldn't it? Uni is all about frien
  8. Most girls/women DO wear makeup. I mean, the ones you see who you think are natural looking? It's very likely just well applied make-up.
  9. Your first post sounds pretty distressing actually. Like I was reading it and feeling distressed. Kind of claustrophobic. Maybe you should go talk to someone face to face. xxxxoxxxxxxxx
  10. Don't worry about your acne. Don't let it control your life. You sound awesome! I love you! Thank you and goodnight.
  11. I acutally am a horrible, horrible person. Behind every nice charming smile of mine, there's a hitchiker in my basement. Handcuffed to the pipes. With a TV showing Chucklevision on repeat. (In case you don't know, Chucklevision is a UK children's TV show of absolute SHITINESS. It is centred around two miserable looking 60 odd men with rat's asses for mustaches. Good choice of people for a kids tv show then. Oh, and one of their catchphrases is, "To me! To you! To me! To you!" and apparently in
  12. We're all different. For instance, my friend was a Turkish prince, and his father, the King of Turkey, had once made a vow with a genie in a wine bottle before my friend had been born. The genie said, one day you will have a son. The King was all, oh yay, I've always wanted a son! The genie said, oh well this is kind of like the "fortunately, unfortunately" game then, cos fortunately you will have a son but unfortunately, on his 22nd birthday there will be a very unfortunate event regarding a dr
  13. Yeah one time this little child, my cousin actually now that I think back, said to me, "Do you have chicken pox?" and she gazed at me in a philosophical way. My response disappointed her. I just went, "No," and looked away. This wasn't enough for her. She wanted to expand. She wanted to take the conversation into greater depth. So she shook that adorable little head of hers and said, very loudly and confusedly, "But your face is all SPOTTY!" All the adults looked round then. My aunt, my u
  14. Just stop having standards. Take each day as it comes and don't compare it to other days. Life is life, it is not a game. There may be numbers but you don't have to change them into a score.
  15. Anyone have an issue with pillows? I've developed this habit of sleeping over the past few years, in that I dont let any part of my face touch the pillow. Like, on TV you see the people with their cheeks resting on the pillow. I watch screaming. Have to turn the channel over on occasion. And when i see my friends lying in bed they get right down and dirty and let their cheeks rest on the pillow. But I dont let that happen. I either sleep so the back of my head's on the pillow, or else I'll be