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  1. Does anyone know if there is a product available that has a stronger concentration of salicylic acid in than paulas choice 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion?
  2. can anyone who has used this product tell me if as well as clearing up blackheads, does it also help tighten and fade the colour of scarred pores? http://www.paulaschoice.com/product/two-pe...-aha-exfoliants
  3. Thanks for the reply. can you tell me where you bought the acid from and also by huge pores do you mean scarred pores?
  4. i have some blackheads on my nose but also alot of scarred pores and some redness. Would mandelic or salicylic acid not only help get rid of the blackheads ( which are quite mild) but also help lessen the redness and make the pores tighter?
  5. can someone tell me where u get benzac in the UK?
  6. The BP cream http://www.expresschemist.co.uk/product_26...el-2-5-40g.html
  7. thanks for the replies but i cannot find benzac in the uk. can u post the website u got it from? Thanks.
  8. I have seen comments that panoxyl can irritate your skin and is not the best BP to choose. Is there any alternatives that can be bought in england? I am only using the bp for blackheads on my nose will this mean the cream will irritate less because it is not actual acne?
  9. i have some blackheads on my nose that i want to get rid of. I dont really want to order from america if i can get it from the UK ( where i live). Can someone tell me if this product is the same as the benzoyl peroxide 2.5% in Dans regimen? Thanks. http://www.expresschemist.co.uk/product_26...el-2-5-40g.html
  10. About 5 weeks ago i used some 0.4mm 28G lancets on my temple. The depth i went was 3mm, I have definetly seen an improvement and the scarring is not as deep. I just have a few questions: 1)Is it okay for me to needle again this week. 2) how deep should i go for scarred pores on my nose. 3) the leds are alot of money, if i am seeing an improvement without them should i not buy the Leds. OR will i see a bigger improvement with them.
  11. can someone tell me what the regimen is? and where i can get it?
  12. can anyone who has purchased needles that are 2.5 mm please tell me where they got them from. I can only get 5mm and it is impossible to get the right depth with them.
  13. I have been using the root now for about 12 days. i stab the root with a knife then apply the actual root to my face so i don't get it on my fingers. I am seeing some improvement. HOWEVER my marks having been fading naturally in the last couple of months anyway so it may not be down to the turmeric. I have had my red marks for nearly 4 years has anyone else had them for this long?
  14. I have found these needles which if they are okay for the face will solve the problem for a stopper. can someone tell me if they are alright for the face or are lancets needles not suitable for the face? http://www.patient.co.uk/pharmacy/BD_Micro...tm?ID=BD03MF200