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  1. Sorry, but I don't quite believe you... This diet has not been scientifically proven in any way and is based upon generalized ideas regarding blood types. Also, you stated in your post that you are 99% clear from following this diet. However, only 3 days ago you posted that you are on Dan's regimen and that you weren't completely satisfied with it and were getting 1-4 small active pimples per day. You also sound a bit too excited and completely unbelievable in my opinion. Well anyway, best
  2. Fried Twinkies dipped in Margarine.
  3. I personally wouldn't hold in urine for long periods of time. I believe it increases the risks of a UTI as well as probably other things that can't be good. It's natural for the body to excrete waste so why fight it?
  4. Someone as beautiful as you shouldn't be lonely! Hopefully things are looking up for you!
  5. Well, I would vote but none of the choices apply to me...
  6. Hmm, yea I guess it did... I basically just went on to say that 2% Salicylic Acid is good for gentle exfoliation. :P Thanks, hope whatever you're currently doing works as well!

  7. Hey, I got both the 8% AHA gel and the 2% BHA lotion. I didn't really use the AHA gel that long because it seemed to be over irritating when I tried it once a day. It was causing me to break out more than usual.

    The 2% SA lotion seems to work pretty well (I used it on my nose for blackheads). I haven't used it lately though since I'm just trying Purpose Cleanser and Vitam

  8. I started with the GNC brand since I wanted to start right away but I ordered 800 500-mg pills from Amazon which are Twin Labs brand. I'm hoping the switch from brand to brand won't cause too much of a problem... They should essentially be the same thing. I'm almost a week in and up to 10 g per day. I've noticed a small difference so far. My skin is a little more dry and so are my lips. Other than that, I haven't really had any of the other side effects so all is well! I'll try to update
  9. Hmm, your acne sounds almost identical to mine and the funny thing is that I was once clear in the past using a BP cleanser, Clindamycin gel, and Nicomide cream. I was also on the oral antibiotic minocycline. I've tried BP and Nicomide cream but they haven't really done anything. (I've also tried a ton of other things as well and none of those worked either...) I think maybe Clindamycin might be the key unless it was the oral antibiotic doing most of the work. I might have to try and get an
  10. I cut out dairy for a few weeks and it had no effect on the rate at which my acne formed... Now I'm back to eating yogurt, drinking milk, and eating cheese as much as I used to and it feels good. However, I still have as much acne as I did before. Now I'm trying the vitamin B5 route but I have a feeling that diet/supplements are not going to help my acne in any way. I think I might just have to wait until my hormones die down (although I'm already 20 and it doesn't look like it's going to
  11. I'm assuming you meant sebum? :crazy2: :lol:
  12. If you're just going to be an *$#hole about it, then why even bother posting? It's not like he came on to this website to mock everyone else that has to suffer with acne just because he doesn't have as much of it as some people. He said that his acne was mild and he was just looking for help/advice. And if you read the title of this message board, I believe it's called "Mild to moderate acne", which is what he has. Besides, if I recall, iludmik, your face is clearer than his. Kinda hypocrit
  13. I'm fairly certain that Minocycline is what led to my clear skin back when I first had acne. However, I stopped taking it due to the face that it could cause problems if taken for too long (over like 2 or 3 years, I think). After I stopped taking it, acne slowly came back... Oh, I also used a 3% BP wash, nicomide-T cream, and clindamyacin gel at the time of taking the minocycline. After trying a regimen similar to this again, I didn't see any results, which leads me to believe the minocyclin
  14. http://www.acne.org/findingsupplies2.php#step1 Here's a link that lists a few gentle cleansers along with reviews if you click on them. Hope that helps.
  15. INSTRUCTIONS SPECIFIC TO TREATMENT OF ACNE: . Gently clean and dry your face before using TAZORAC® Gel. Apply TAZORAC® Gel once a day, before going to bed, to entire areas of the face where you have acne lesions. Use enough gel to cover the entire affected area with a thin film. . Follow your doctor's directions for other routine skin care and the use of make-up. Talk to your doctor about the use of sunscreens and cosmetics, especially those that dry your skin. . Usually, your acne will be
  16. Yea, I don't want to know how you figured that one out. :rolleyes: It's not like acne would develop the day after you ingest something so maybe you ate a lot of old meat... I personally don't believe diet really does anything acne-wise. At least it doesn't for me. It more or less seems to be due to physical irritation. Pretty good tips though, overall. Thanks. :cool:
  17. This looks like an effective and simple regimen to me. BP also cleared me up but left my face extremely red and irritated. And like you, I also started slow at first but it didn't quite work out... May I ask what moisturizer you use besides the Derma e-? I'm going to try Paula's Choice product line to see how that goes but if that doesn't work I might try something similar to your regimen... Well, good luck and hopefully you continue seeing results! -Matt
  18. Hey everyone, Thanks for all the help and support so far! I know my acne isn't that bad, but like you guys said, it just sucks when you let acne get to you. I know I shouldn't worry about it too much. I have tried BP in the past. When my acne initially started I was prescribed a 3% BP facewash, Clindamyacin, and Nicomide-T cream. These cleared me up fairly well but I'm thinking that it was primarily due to taking minocycline at the same time. After being off minocycline and using a simil
  19. Hey everyone... My face seems to have good and bad time periods and at the moment it looks horrible. I've tried many things including DKR, ACV, Moojamba's original face dipping method, Botchla's regimen, all with no real success. I'm currently going for the washing twice a day with mild cleanser thing. However, I think the current breakout I have is due to washing with water that was too hot combined with the cold weather... My face got really oily and disgusting and low and behold, pimples