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  1. Thank you darling <33 I will definitely have to stop by LH.. I miss you all!

  2. I remember u i think we got a lot of things in common or something ;)

  3. =( I've missed ya too. I hope you're doing great. xox

  4. helloo <333

  5. haa "gingerbread man", I knew it was you straight away. :D <3 How is the mighty Tenshi?

  6. I know a lot of ppl get down easily from Acne and what not.. SOmetimes the simplest things can get us feeling good again, if only for a short while. 1 of those things for me is an uplifting movie..something that will give u a lil hope and determination again. Right now i can think of 3 films in particular..true stories. i recommend these to anyone to take time out to forget about any dissapointments u may be having that others have gone thru worse and come out shining the other end. 1. The H
  7. strawberrynet.com? free shipping and fast.. also drugstore does ship if use a special international form they direct u too..ive done it once b4. u need a credit card tho.
  8. start off small and do something like when walking the dog etc.. look strangers in the eye and smile at them and say hello. what u dont realise, is many ppl feel the exact same way u do. how nice it would be to make someone elses day by saying hello...and in return boost your confidence at the same time. it takes practice and time...if u make small steps, 1 day u will find it getting a lot easier to talk to ppl. sometimes u just gotta throw yourself out there too..associate yourself with loud
  9. you'll be right. its amazing what can happen in the course of a year and an accutane course. for me anyway, i went thru bad skin to clear skin, red marks to no red marks to very depressed and sensitve to happy and at peace with myself. and a year or so ago id never have thought it. so good luck to u and keep ya head up.
  10. theres a new philosophy makeup out, mineral mamkeup called The Supernatural..also keen to try it out.
  11. i am like MOlly..lol. fine hair and LOTS of it.
  12. i love you. always.

  13. o yeah? im gonna try this... another oil is avocado oil for dry hair. that stuffs amazing.
  14. tenshiiiii!!! thanks for the lil comment on my profile. how have u been?? i miss u on here....the org just isn't the same. well, i hope your doing well! xx