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  1. you are only a freshman? trust me man ppl change soo much i wouldn't be suprised if they were pimple faced rejects by senior year.
  2. damn dude u gave it up for a week. honestly after two days if i haven't im a walking zombie. seriously even if it did cause acne i dont think i could stop it. it really is the only pleasure i have in my life and i even plan my day around it.
  3. all the girls at my school are superficial btches. problem is i want them all.
  4. ya acne doesn't get me down as much anymore. on the other hand being naturally ugly with a big nose sends me down the depths of depression.
  5. damn b i feel the exact same way. honestly i have stopped giving a crap and have some friends, but nobody really close. ive given up on girls totally, maybe someday it'll get better.
  6. what did you come here for, seriously. you have hot chicks after you and you are thinking wait i need to go post on an acne board? c'mon man wake the f up.
  7. i am a male who has no clue where to get this stuff. at a department store, drug store, im lost.
  8. i know exactly how you feel. last week i had to take a placement test and we were forced to sit in alphabetical order. so i sit down and then they call the name of someone who has to sit about 2 feet away from me. lo and behold it was the hottest girl at my high school. imagine a blonde, better looking kirsten dunst with an incredible body. so anyways she approaches me tosses her hair, smiles, and gives me an enthusiastic hi. my acne probably wasnt even that bad but being self concious and
  9. where do u get this stuff? at a department store ? do i just go in asking for concealer?
  10. so im a guy thinking about using concealer. my questions are: what is the best one u have tried where do u get this stuff how big of an area do u use it on. for example would using it on my whole nose and almost half my forehead be too much. any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
  11. so i have a prescription for benzamycin but stopped using for my face because it is too drying. anyways i am thinking of using it on my chest and back. is this a good idea or should i try something else.
  12. honestly for me when i was working out hard i broke out. i am taking doxy right now hoping it can prevent it because i need my workout.
  13. would this be good for a male to wear, meaning you can't tell i have it on. also whats a good one and where do u get this stuff. thanks.
  14. ya i got quite a schnoz also, of the wide variety. does anyone know the price range for a nose job these days.