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  1. Here is my twice a year update.... To recap - took accutane for two months in 2008 ish. Had terrible anxiety then depression.. then the food sensitivities. Lots of joint pain, fatigue, depression over the past 10 years. I have done lots of blood work and stool tests. I am autoimmune - positive ANA, SSA, thyroid, sometimes rheumatoid. My typical cycle is feel like crap for months, then have a couple days to a week or if I am lucky two weeks of feeling good that refills my hope jar. My micro
  2. @guitarman01 Yes I was thinking the same thing. Wondering how much these things naturally change week to week. I was treated for the bacteria overgrowth since my previous labs so that could be why things are more in line this time. If anyone is curious, here is a link to decipher my lab results and just good info on gut microbes in general: https://www.diagnosticsolutionslab.com/sites/default/files/u16/GI-MAP-Interpretive-Guide.pdf
  3. Got my latest stool labs back. The C diff Toxin is gone which makes me happy but now it shows Candida. Looking at the low SIgA I read that one should supplement vitamin A to help bring this back up. Here is the article: https://drknews.com/low-siga-promotes-loss-oral-tolerance/ . Curious what you guys think about that. AFAIK I have no issue with Vitamin A. Just ALOT of food sensitivities that cause fatigue and joint pain. My diet is fairly strict AIP. I have an appt. with my Functional Medicine
  4. @guitarman01 Thanks for the info. Viome sounds like a good alternative. My skin sensitivity is much better today. Dizziness is better also, almost gone. I really think I had a die off reaction from drinking the celery juice for a few days. I had a similar feeling when I took grapefruit seed extract a couple years ago after my stool test showed candida overgrowth. Here are my Organix (urine) and DUTCH adrenal (saliva) tests.
  5. @guitarman01 Yeah he seems to have a go to template that he uses a lot. He is actually in Texas I believe. I am in CA. Everything is over the phone. Yes it is very expensive and he is cash only. I tried submitting all my bills from last year to insurance but still haven't heard anything. Because he is a D.C. Functional Medicine Dr. and not an M.D., I doubt they will cover anything. The GI map stool test is $400, DUTCH adrenal test is $250, and Organix Comprehensive Profile is $446. Plus all the
  6. My treatment was GI Clear 1 GI Clear 4 and Para 1 . I felt terrible while taking these. My foot and lower back pain made me almost quit in the beginning. He said it was die off reaction, I think I was just reacting to some of the ingredients like I do when I eat grains, beans, dairy, or eggs. He then had me take Probio Flora and Sacro Flora. I have tested positive for yeast/fungi overgrowth on a previous stool test. I have taken a LOT of probiotics over the last 10 years but I don't think
  7. Check out how screwed up my stool is. I just sent another sample off last week to see if my treatment did anything besides make me feel like crap. Oh and wanted to ask if anyone gets sensitive skin that hurts to touch but there is no rash or visual sign of anything? I have gotten it on my arm sometimes but right now its on both my arms and my waist/groin area.
  8. I believe I took it for two or three months also. I can't remember the dosage but I want to say it was 10 or 20 mg for a month or two then it was upped and the side effects were so bad I quit. A month after I was off the drug and having suicidal thoughts I called my dermatologist to let her know. She said it wasn't caused by the Accutane because it would have been out of my system by then. She said she would "look into it" and I never heard back from her again.
  9. Where is this Accutane survey you speak of?? The latest on me: eat only meat, fruit, and veggies. Take HCL with meals. Exercise. Sleep. I have been "treated" for my C. diff overgrowth and all the other crap that was on my last stool test but I feel no different. Need to retest. Treating my HPA axis helps alot. Taking licorice root, pregnenolone, and DHEA (all doctor prescribed). Really really tired of not being able to eat like a normal person. All i want to do is eat a sandwich and some r
  10. This is pretty on point for all the issues I have!!! Its one of those posts where I get deja vu and think for a second I am reading my own post.
  11. Just checking in to give an update. Happy to see all the discussions about microbiome and autoimmunity as thats what I have been focusing on. I am seeing a new doctor that is actually helping me. His website is Just In Health. We did stool, adrenal, and nutrient testing. I have C. diff overgrowth as well has a bunch of "bad" opportunistic bacteria. Also some type of worm. I had overall low cortisol and low sex hormones. We are treating the adrenals first, then the gut, and I can't remember the t
  12. Sjorgens symptoms is one of the issues that flares when I eat offending foods. It showed up on my blood work as high SSA Anitbodies which my doctor said is responsible for eye and mouth lubrication. I don't really notice a dry mouth, just eye pain like sand was thrown in them.
  13. Hey I haven't been following the forum for a while but just wanted to report that weekly IV injections of glutathione is the only thing that has made me feel good in YEARS. It took 4-5 weeks to start feeling good. Was doing them weekly for maybe 10 weeks before we decided to stretch it out to every two weeks. I got busy and it turned into 3-4 weeks between IV's and I started feeling crappy again. So back to once a week for me, totally worth it. I am also now on Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). I saw t
  14. This is very interesting. Several months ago I did the Jon Barron cleanse. It involved taking a product called KGP Flush, which is for "temporary relief of kidney and gallstone symptoms". It contains many herbs, here is product page: KGP Flush . I had a very noticeable improvement in my fatigue and mood for the several days that I consumed this tincture. I have another bottle that I will experiment with next week.
  15. Looking back my acne wasn't bad at all either. I just wanted "perfect" skin. Meanwhile I was living off of frozen pizzas, ice cream and fast food. What kills me is that right before I was going to take Accutane I read about the connection between diet and acne. I decided I would ask my derm. about this connection and that would be my final deciding factor on whether or not to take Accutane. When I brought it up she said "As a doctor, I am telling you there is no link between diet and acne". So I