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  1. Hi buknoymaster, I'm so sorry for you. Most of my punch flaots turned out to be great after the derm, but one area on my cheek tuned out to be a big disaster as well. These two pitted scars on my cheeks are finally closed up now after the 4th floats but it's also become a long, wide depressed area. If I could choose it all over again, I would not wanted to have it done on that spot. I'm still in the healing stage of my last derm and I would wait a few more months to make the final judgement. B
  2. I actually had punch floats on the same spot FOUR times, can you believe that? Somehow Dr. Y kept missing that spot---he always went a little off that little hole. At last, I have to point it out/mark it for him and it worked this time, at least the little hole is completely covered even though it's not as smooth as it supposed to be. And I know that area will be a bit depressed/sunken after the swelling is gone. Well, I can just hope it will trun out okay. If you're thinking of another derm, yo
  3. I should have said hello to you but I wasn't sure if you were feeling comfortable when you had tapes all over your face. Anyway, good luck to you and your sister (I thought you guys were boyfriend and girfriend). I thought I was crazy enough to do the punch float on the same spot again and again. But I guess you two are even more determined as you guys flew all the way from Australia. I wish you all the best. Woodson
  4. Hi Ravenblack, I saw you and your sisters came out of the office while I was there waiting to do my punch floats. Do you remember a asian lady, my husband was there too. Anyway, today is my 10th day after dermabrasion. And this is my 3rd time and it will be my last time for sure. So far my skin is healing very well except a few breakout here and there. I guess Dr. Y did a light one this time so I was off Vaseline on day 7 already. And the redness is quite even this time compared to last two ti
  5. Hi, Today is my 13th day, and my face is still pretty red/pink but it is definitely ligter than a few days ago. The color on my forehead is doing much better compared to the rest of my face I think because Dr. Y didn't go as deep there. I'm pretty much done w/ the peeling except a few stubborn ones. My face still itch a bit especially my left jaw area. So far, some of minor scars are completely gone, and I still see some old scars scatter around my cheeks, but the spot which bothers me the most
  6. Hi Portlandboy, You're right. I should have stayed 2 more days before heading home. Anyway, why you don't have any peeling? That's weird. I wonder if Leafsfan had any. I don't like the Eurcerin creme either, it make my face white, plus it is not absorbed into my skin, that's why I need something else and I use Jojoba oil. I hope you'll recover well, and I'll keep you updated w/ my progress. Woodson
  7. Hi everyone, I had my dermabrasion done on Dec 20th, same day as Portlandboy, the one before him (Hi Portlandboy, I’m the Asian lady you met that day). It has been 10 days since the procedure and as for my appreciation to this board I would like to post my experience here. The whole procedure was very smooth and I only felt a little discomfort on the part of freezing spray, other than that, I would say it’s actually quite an pleasant experience ( I mean I expected the worst). The
  8. Old guy, I do totally agree w/ you that wearing sunscree indoor is a bit extreme. Because I don't wear make-up at home and I don't like the feeling of puting chemical on my face. But at the same time OursFan is right--it's better to wear sunscreen everyday no matter indoor or outdoor . I just did some reserach myself and that's what I find: Tip 01 >>> UV rays-The Archenemy of Your Skin! Whenever there is sunlight, we are never free from the harmful effects of the UV rays, no matter w
  9. James, If my question is nominated for the stupiedest question of the year, I think your answer is nominated for the stupiedest answer of the year!
  10. Hi guys, I need advice on sun protection. I know we definitely need to wear sunscreen when we are outside. But what if I stay home that day? I know there're windows everywhere, but I cover it with blind/shade so there's only very minimal sunlight going into the house. In this case, do I still need to put on any sunscreen? The reason I ask this question is I try to avoid any chemical possible on my face when I don't have to. Any advice I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Woodson
  11. Dolmal, I know exactly how you felt when you said you almost shed your tear--I had the same feeling. I really felt at ease when he gave his teddy bear hug, and his staff are just great!
  12. Hi everyone, Just want to say that I had my punch floats done by Dr. Y last Thursday (sorry I have been busy and couldn’t find time to post). I can honestly say that he is the best doctor I ever met in my life!! I know everyone on this board has been telling how great he is, but you wouldn’t know until you’ve actually met him. He is kind, nice, warm, professional, funny…all the nice words you can think of. Most importantly, I know I’m in good hands and Iâ€â„
  13. Thorn, May I know who was your doctor? Thanks!
  14. I don't know why he prices that way but I guess it's definitely good for us--I have my scars mainly on my cheeks also. Stefany from this board has gone to him a few times and she highly recommends him, but I'm still waiting some more response from this board. Well, since he is only 3 hrs drive from me, I'm planning to see him at the beginning of next month anyway so that he can look at my face and see what procedure is better for me.