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  1. I have been suffering from acne for the past 14 yrs. I am 26 now. I have reached a conclusion that my acne breakouts are directly related to sexual activity, particularly having an orgasm. I know this topic has been discussed before and dismissed. However, I don't care what research says I know my body the best........ and I think more research should be done in this area. Having an orgasm is directly related to hormones and acne is also related to hormones. I don't know why research hasn't l
  2. my acne has started to disappear a little..... touchwood but these darn brown/red marks won't leave me alone. i am so depressed. i have dealt with acne since i was 13 yrs old and now i am 25. will i ever be acne and mark free.......... plz GOD help meeeeeeeeeee
  3. Hello. I was curious if anyone has used a fade creme(hydroquione) over benzaclin. I have been using benzaclin for about a month..and i like the result. However, I hate the hyperpigmentation left by the old acne. since yesterday i started to apply benzaclin and after 15 mins or so spot apply the ambi fade cream. will it lower the working mechanism of benzaclin.
  4. Guys I have been suffering from Acne for the past 10 years. The only thing that has ever worked was clindamycin..however that only lasted for 6 months and then i developed resistance. Now, I got a prescription for benzaclin and its expensiveeeeeeeeeeeee since my acne is resistant to clindamycin do you think benzaclin is worth it. Also how long would a 25 mg jar last me if i apply it once a daily. thanks.
  5. i don't think they are inflamed... cause the marks have been there for few months.
  6. i have been using the ACNEFREE scar lotion...
  7. my brown discolorations are turning reddish/pinkish..... does it mean they are fading away or just morphing into something equally disgusting? thanks.
  8. I used clindamycin about 2 years ago for my acne.. and it was wonderful. I was competely acne free for a year. well then i developed tolerance to the medicine and it stopped working... i have tried it again on several occassions. ever since i have been experimenting with other medicines but nothing has worked as good. Now my general practitoner prescribed benzaclin but i am afraid that it won't work because clindamycin doesn't work on me now.... will it be worth it? any experiences? thanks for u
  9. i have using the AcneFree hydroquinone. it has shown some very visible results for me. give it a try.
  10. from my experience masturbation does have a correlation with acne...it might not be a cause though. why can't people understand that acne and masturbation are both about same hormones..so why is it soo impossible for them to have a link. u know ur body the best.
  11. i have been a vegetarian all my life....and have suffered from acne for the past 10 years. don't know what beef tastes like.....so i don't know acne is just sooo complexx......
  12. my doc prescribed some benzaclin and he is very hopeful. however, i have read online that benzaclin takes care of the acne but causes fine lines... which is just as bad as acne according to me. please share ur experience with the medicine, and offer ur suggestions. thanks a lot
  13. acne is all about hormones, and so is masturbation.. i can definately see a link. more research should be done on it.
  14. i am east indian.. and turmeric is a common household spice in east indian homes. It has anti-inflammatory effects, and i have used it. I wouldn't recommend using turmeric as ur only treatment plan but it can definately serve as an addition to ur regular treatment. it does make sure face smooth and helps get rid of discoloration..over a period a time. good luck