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  1. I've suffered with acne for a good 4 years now, I am 19 this July. I suffer with acne on my face, chest, back and backs of my upper legs. I have new spots appear on a daily basis and as a result have red marks and scars covering most of my body. It is not very pleasant. I have been under a dermatologist for well over 2 years and everything that have prescribed me has had little or no effect at all. This includes oral and topical treatments. Unfortunately I am unable to go on Roaccutane since
  2. I read this article last year but haven't heard anything since. I am keeping my eyes peeled for some more news on this new 'miracle' gel. Feel free to take a look. Early tests sound extremely promising http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...in_page_id=1965 Darren
  3. Hi all, I'm 17 years old and from Birmingham, England. I suffer with VERY bad acne on my face, chest and my back; which is the worst. I even get spots on the tops of my legs. I've had acne for the past 3 years and it's just as bad now as it's ever been. My dermatologist has prescribed me all sorts of oral medications as well as creams and lotions but all have come to nothing. I haven't seen the slightest improvement with anything. For me to be a candidate for Roaccutane I need permission from