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  1. Hi everyone, I've been having a lot of trouble with my face lately and have been trying to post here but had no luck so hopefully I can get lucky and have someone put me in the right direction. I have a lot of (what I think is) post acne marks along with actual acne and on the side of my nose is just a patch of redness. I've had this for over 3 years and I'm not really sure what I should be doing and what I shouldn't be doing. I'm also not sure what is even wrong with my face. I tried derma roll
  2. Hi everyone, I've had this red patch next to my nose for as long as I can remember. There is also a spot on my nose that isn't in the picture. I'm honestly not sure what it even is or how to treat it. I've tried derma rolling, aha/bha gel, and other minor solutions but nothing seems to be working :-/ maybe someone else on here is going through the same thing or already went through it and knows what to do. It'd be awesome if anyone can help me out! Thank you!
  3. This is all great information, I never expected someone to respond so quickly and give me very useful advice. I'm going to take everything you said into consideration and update results whenever I can! I'm glad it worked for yourself, hopefully it will do the same for me.
  4. Thank you for all that advice I really appreciate it and it really means a lot ! I will definitely try all that out. I've heard many good things about rosehip oil so I'll make a plan to pick it up sometime today and look into the glycolic fix serum. The only question I have is how would I include all of what you said into the regimine I have now? It's just a basic one with a cleanser, benzoyl peroxide, and moisturizer. Or would I have to abandon that completely?
  5. Hey everyone I've been having a hard time finding out what is, specifically, going on with my skin. I don't know if it's erythema, rosacea, PIH, etc. I definitely have some active acne so I wanted to see if anyone can help out with a regimen that can clear that along with the redness/pink spots I have on my face. I'm currently using the acne.org regiminekit. It totally sucks and makes me very self-conscious so any info is highly appreciated, thank you!