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  1. I took a pretty high dose of accutane when I was 19/20 because I was sure that I was done growing (as I had an x-ray of my legs and pelvis when I was 18 and the doctor told me back then that I was done growing). But only recently I found out that the bones, that are responsible for ones 'frame', broad shoulders and back, arent done growing til mid-late 20s. The growth plates are still open until then. And now I am worrying if I stunted my 'frame grow' causing me to have narrow shoulders,..... Wh
  2. Hello, I wanted to know why people say accutane causes erectile dysfunction? It is a Type 1 5AR inhibitor! Not type 2! 5AR type 1 has a very low expression in urogenital areas. Unlike finasteride. I took 2 courses of accutane (high dose) and I am still able to get an erection, still have morning wood, still have high libido... so whats the deal here? DHT is tissue dependent. The circulating DHT is irrelevant. and the DHT in the sexual dependent tissue remains unaffected by accutane. I think p
  3. I am a male and had 2 rounds of accutane. Since my last round where I took 30 mg for 6 months straight, I have lost body hair. I mean, I have always been very hairy. Especially my arms, legs, chest, stomach were hairy as hell since puberty started. But since my last course, I lost great amounts of body hair. My arm, leg and stomach hair is now much less than it used to be. The hair is also much lighter and not as dark anymore. Is this a common observation? did this happen to anybody else here? W
  4. Alright so I have a few questions. I am a 20 y/o guy and I took accutane last year (5 months on 30 mg per day and 1 month on 60 mg per day) and today I am left with severe eye, mouth, nose dryness (similar to sjogrens syndrome). The dryness is at its worst in the morning, after waking up. My lips are fine, they are never dry anymore but my throat gets so dry in the night. I went to an eye doctor and she told me my meibomian glands are in very poor condition. She told me to massage and use eye dr
  5. I often read accutane can speed up MPB but how does this work? Accutane is highly anti-androgenic and acts kinda like finasteride (5AR inhibition) so I am wondering why people say accutane can accelerate mpb? I found some old posts where people took accutane for hair loss (because of the DHT decreasing effects)... it is to mention that hundred thousands of guys took accutane and if it truly accelerated MPB it have been medically noted by now, right? Maybe the answer for early onset of MPB in th
  6. Can accutane stunt dick growth during puberty? I took it when I was 16.5 years old but I only took 10mg per day (very low dose luckily) for ~5 months. Are androgen production and receptors and Growth hormones affected significant enough to have an effect on penile growth at such a low dose? I dont remember any penile growth after my treatment so I don't know if this is from accutane or if I was done growing naturally around that time. (Literature suggests that penile growth doesnt stop before ag
  7. Bump still no answers... I just read that the extent of accutane side effects are highly dependent on the dose. I only took 10mg per day at a weight of 70kg. That's really low. So i guess I shouldn't be too worried that it could have stunted my growth right?...
  8. Thanks for the answer. i took accutane on and off around the winter days because that's when my acne was the worst. I didn't take it regularly during the 2 years. If this drug really has such great impact on the bone development of children I cannot for the love of god understand why it is being prescribed to such young kids. (Like why is it even legal?!) I really feel like a fool for having taken this toxic drug not knowing of all this side defects. I mean I was young and didn't think much a
  9. Is there no doctor here who can give me an answer on this topic please? I don't know what to believe anymore.. everyone on the internet says something different
  10. But why would doctors ever prescribe accutane to anyone whose bones aren't fully developed yet? the website I linked states the same my doctor said about accutane, which is that growth can only be stunted at very high doses (and I only took 10mg daily) I've had x-rays of my pelvis taken at the beginning of this year and the outcome was that my growth plates are already closed. my mom told me that I naturally stopped growing at age 15 (I started to take accutane at the end of age 16) but I ha
  11. Found an interesting article on this topic: http://dermatologytimes.modernmedicine.com/dermatology-times/content/tags/acne-medication/isotretinoin-misconceptions-misinformation-still-thri?page=full i wanted to add that I did not grow one single cm since I started to take accutane.
  12. Before I start: I used the search function of this forum but found mixed answers, so I ask this question again and hope the mods are fine with this Hello, I am a 19 year old young man. When I was 16 (just about to turn 17) my dermatologist prescribed me accutane (10mg daily). i took it for about 3 months and my acne cleared up. After that, I stopped taking accutane for a few months because I thought i was "healed". Not having taken the drug for several months, my acne started to come bac