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  1. What can i do about the big spot i have just above my nose? Its quite big and red but also deep, like a hard ball bearing under the skin. It doesnt hurt anymore but its kinda just hanging around. Is there anything can do to move it along? Is it a cyst? thanks for any suggestions
  2. I had been watching this to, sent Pentapharm a couple of emails to no avail. I did once find a topical that contained this but it seemed to be produced by a small time/back bedroom style firm so i didn't purchase. It did take me a lot of googling before i discovered it and doing a quick check i can't seem to find it again. Not so useful i know but it is or has been out there.
  3. Hi, I want to add some sort of exfoliation to my routine but do not want to use any more products/ cleansers as i am happy with what ive got and want to keep the amount of products i use to a minimum. I was thinking an exfoliating cloth which i could use when i applied my acne face wash would be ideal, so i bought one and it was pretty useless, basically just quite a soft cloth that didnt seem to remove any dead skin. I was hoping some one could suggest an effective cloth that offers real exfo
  4. Hi, Have a big night tomorrow and as usual my skin was fine until a couple of days before then went AWOL, and i decided to make it worse by panicking and squeezing everything, making things that weren't a bid deal into a big deal. So, the thing is im in this state, and i know it will ruin my night cause ill feel self-conscious, so the only option i really have is to try and cover the red marks up. I don't really know how to do this, obviously i don't have any make up and am too embarrassed t
  5. I sent them an email asking if there where any products currently available that incorporated this treatment but they have yet to get back to me. To be honest people always find this sort of stuff, a company that has produced a formula that reduces oily skin and is offering to license it to a manufacturer, but they never seem to end up on the market.....(sigh) Maybe this will be different.
  6. I keep reading on acne information sites that topical retenoids reduce sebum production, but im also sure i've read on here that retenoids DONT reduce sebum at all. Which is true? cheers
  7. "Light Therapy Energy (LHE), another form of phototherapy for the treatment of acne, addresses cases where acne is moderate to severe. The green light shrinks the sebaceous glands, decreasing sebum production. With reduced sebum, bacteria is not attracted to the skin pore in such quantities. Treatment is usually performed twice per week, and is over in one month." I found this on a website talking about acne treatments. I am mainly interested in sebum reduction. Does this really work for loweri
  8. http://www.pentapharm.com/graphics/Pentaph...tsheet_5910.pdf This looks like an interesting formulation for reducing oily skin.
  9. reviresco, I can see the desperation in your writing. We've all been there. However, do not jump to uninformed conclusions as to what the professional background of the pseudo self-appointed scientists may be. If you find a flaw in my protocol, or alternatively, can find other logical explanations beside the three conclusions outlined above (and the link below), we are keen to know! *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * My point is that as far as i can tell you have no
  10. I think its ridiculous for people to assume they know what drug this company is testing and then based on their own evaluation discredit it. These are A. highly skilled professionals with a level of expertise that far out ways any of the conjecture the "pseudo" self appointed scientists on this site may offer, and B. is it really realistic to believe that a large profit driven drugs manufacturer is going to waste money on a product they didn't believe in or had already been disproved for the tre
  11. im not saying dont go for it, but i tried hemp protein once (it admittedly contained a few other things to) but mostly hemp, cost me a lot, and tasted worse than i ever imagined anything could taste, i mean truly vile. thats just my experience
  12. it says in that dailymail article that it will be available in about 5 years..........im mean come on, i know it has to be extensively tested but thats ridiculous. sooooooooo annoyed
  13. Old drug may help reduce sebum production in acne sufferers Medical Studies/Trials Published: Tuesday, 14-Aug-2007 Printer Friendly Email to a Friend A previously unknown side effect of an unnamed drug currently on the marketplace could be useful for treating acne, reports Chemistry & Industry, the magazine of the SCI. A UK company is about to start a Phase 1 trial with the drug involving 18 healthy human volunteers and the results are expected to be announced later this year.
  14. taking green tea capsules has stopped me breaking out from drinking, it is any antioxidant and also helps you liver recover from having to work overtime.
  15. i looked it up, its something to do with releasing testosterone in the body and early side effects included acne, which they have now managed to prevent from happening, but from that i doubt it would be any good.