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  1. Well I'm glad it works for you, that's really all that matters. I did like the moisturizer, I also used to buy the 5 piece system but it got too expensive and it wasn't working as well as I'd hoped. Now that I've found something that keeps me clear, I'll stick to it and I'm glad you'll stick to what works for you. I have been clear for a month and last night I got a zit on my forehead but this morning it's head came out and it's almost gone, I guess the regimen is making it go away quicker.
  2. Proactiv's? $70? That's too much. You can still use them though, the oil control is the moisturizer right? Maybe you can call customer service or email them and ask if you could send back the toner and get an extra repairing lotion. They have very good customer service and they'll do anything to keep you happy. I actually still use the cleanser cause I still have a bottle left and don't want to throw it away, my face was over dry but now that it's used to it, it's not dry anymore. I use t
  3. I insist that you give vinegar a try, at least for a week and see how it reacts on you. I used it along with the regimen and it was a huge improvement. I only do the regimen now cause I'm clear but I still use vinegar once in a while. Give it a try it's only about $1.
  4. Yes it's normal, your face isn't used to the vinegar yet. I don't do the vinegar daily anymore cause I'm clear but when I do, I allow it to dry for about 3 minutes and then apply BP, then wait 10 minutes and moisturize. If you don't use BP then you can moisturize as soon as your face dries a bit.
  5. have you tried the vinegar? It helps out a lot, it cleared me up last time and quickly.
  6. I use Curel with no fragrance. It leaves my skin smooth and not oily. I use any shower gel that smells good, unless I have breakouts, then I use Neutrogena body clear body wash.
  7. I liked the repairing lotion, didn't like the toner though...doesn't do anything. I changed my kit to 1 cleanser and 2 repairing lotions instead so I could use it with the regimen. I still have 2 bottles left but I also have Dan's gel so I use Proactiv's at night (leaves my skin drier) and Dan's during the day (skin feels smoother and ready for makeup). I'll be doing this until I'm done with the Proactiv bottles and just continue using the gel.
  8. vinegar. sounds like the same pimple but all the gunk didn't come out. It's bigger cause it's swollen from the popping.
  9. A zit on the temple can be easily covered with hair, I don't even bother as much to get rid of them quickly. I don't even touch them.
  10. Yes, your skin is swollen from the squeezing.
  11. Sounds hereditary to me. I was on Accutane as well about 5 years back and was able to drink, even while on Accutane. I have an uncle who is allergic to alcohol and if he drinks any, he has to be sent to the hospital. I now just get nauseous with alcohol so I totally quit. My skin looks better though /